Reasons why you need to use video content marketing

Top reasons to use video content marketing for your business.

Back in 2015, half of the 9 million Australians using Facebook were watching and sharing videos every day. Today, 88% Australians are consuming video content whenever they are online. From discovering new products or services to watching reviews, recommendations, on-boarding, and explainers—video is the preferred content medium of consumers today. You should consider video content marketing.

video content marketing

Video marketing has become more important now

Video marketing is growing in significance over all forms of content marketing. It can increase website traffic by 55% and grow revenue 49% faster. Video marketing is not a new concept, it started with TV commercials but internet-abled mobile devices have reinvented it dramatically.

The best thing about video marketing is its amazing versatility. It can be suited to any industry and any concept. From product explainers to landing page brand story videos, video marketing is being used for a range of marketing campaigns.

The statistics for video marketing show its effectiveness and power of convincing the consumers. Every business, therefore, definitely needs to include it in their marketing campaigns. The consumer,

  • retains video content messages better and longer—95% of the message
  • has a greater propensity to share it—1200% video shares generated
  • more likely to enter the buying cycle—33% increase in end-user engagement

This is the reason why more brands and marketers are getting ready to increase their investment in video marketing. Video content has clear and proven results showing an increase in user engagement, traffic, lead generation, and sales in a shorter time span than other forms of marketing. Here’s how businesses have gained with the video content in marketing campaigns,

  • 157% increase in organic traffic to website directed from search engines,
  • 80% increase in landing page conversions.

Use the opportunity in video marketing

The year-on-year increase in the number of businesses that are employing video content marketing has a steep growth. While only 63% of businesses used it in 2019, in 2020 this figure jumped to 81%. Clearly, video content marketing is successfully driving brand awareness and everyone is cashing in on this opportunity.

Here are some more reasons to show why you need to use video content marketing:

1. Smartphones are increasing the consumption of video content.

Consumers are more likely to look for and discover products and services via mobile searches, and social media browsing. They are also shopping on their phones.

2. Consumers prefer to learn about products and services through video.

The figure stands at 68% and 64% consumers end up buying products after they have watched the branded social videos.

Videos help you to package information into a short narrative by using animations or clips of the product or service in action to provide a clear understanding of what the company does. Creating engaging videos with the help of experienced production companies within your niche and location such as video production services in Melbourne will allow you create memorable videos enabling potential customers to understand all the aspects of your product.

3. The demand for video content is only increasing.

Consumers want more videos from brands, 86% of them to be exact. They would rather watch videos of product launches, promotions, and explainers than read about it.

4. Consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a video.

Incorporating video in marketing campaigns results in 34% higher conversion rates.

Whether it is social media or search engine platforms, consumer attention is more likely to be attained through video. It’s time, create a mobile-optimised video content marketing strategy today with Vmation and see your ROI improving.