SWordPress Manager – Easy WP site operation

A whopping 64 million websites today are built with WordPress.

The most popular content management system out there has long been dominating the market, evolving faster than any other similar solution. WordPress is as versatile as they come – whether you are looking to build a great-looking portfolio, an inspiring business page, or a profitable online shop – the answer is WP every single time.

SWordPress table

With such wide adoption, hosting providers have naturally tried to optimize their services for WordPress fans. You can expect specifically optimized CMS packages, essential plugin installation, and support with enough know-how to help with possible difficulties along the way.

Of course, you can always go one step further. Today we are presenting you SWordPress Manager!

What is SWordPress manager?

SWordPress Manager is a proprietary product developed by ScalaHosting, an innovative web hosting and server provider with a few other in-house products under its belt. Since its inception in 2007, Scala has been looking to push the whole industry forward, answering the most pressing customer concerns. 

This is how the idea about SWordPress Manager came to life.

Тhis solution is integrated within SPanel, Scala’s all-in-one hosting management panel. As a client, you can access the tool directly from SPanel and ease up your entire WordPress experience. Starting from the WP installation, plugin setup, and even backups – everything is neatly stacked inside SWordPress Manager, reachable with just a couple of clicks.

To save you even more time, this custom solution takes care of all core and plugin updates as well, adjusting your entire project to the latest standards. 

Security is another key aspect of SWordPress Manager, especially given the fact the most popular CMS is also the most common target of cyberattacks

SWordPress manager benefits

SWordPress Manager is perfect for first-time WordPress users and clients that generally want to automate most of their daunting tasks with the app. The tool offers numerous other advantages as well:

  • One-click WP installation – Most cPanel hosting providers include the Softaculous auto-installer or similar software to simplify the installation of hundreds of scripts. Focused on WordPress alone, SWordPress Manager eases this process even more and allows SPanel clients to set up their first WP website in less than a minute. 
  • Automatic core and plugin updates – Keeping your WordPress application and all associated add-ons (plugins and themes) up to date is crucial for any online endeavour. Failing to do so can not only lead to functionality and performance issues – it can easily cause security breaches as well. That’s why SWordPress Manager monitors your core and plugin installations, keeping them all neatly updated.
  • Security lock – One of the most unique features that sets SWordPress Manager apart from the rest. This one essentially locks all files and directories from editing until further notice. In the meantime, your website continues to function normally, still allowing you to add new posts or media. Best of all, the security lock doesn’t interfere with your scheduled core, plugin, and theme updates. When a new add-on version is out, the system will disable the lock feature during the update and re-enable it once done. 
  • Staging area – You can easily set up a staging area so you can make site changes without interfering with your live pages. You can either use the Softaculous Autoinstaller or configure a new WP instance directly through the SWordPress Manager. Naturally, it’s always good to combine that with a regular backup strategy to ensure you don’t lose any precious data.
  • Password reset – Changing your admin password is another advantage that SWordPress Manager brings to the table. At any point, you can enter your tool dashboard and reset your current password. Doing so regularly will severely minimize the chances of hacker breaches through your credentials.

ScalaHosting and SWordPress manager

Signing up with a ScalaHosting managed VPS plan is the best way to get a taste of SWordPress Manager in action. This will guarantee the free inclusion of SPanel – the innovative Scala control panel that contains unique tools like SShield and SWordPress Manager. No extra fee is applied for any of them.

Picking a VPS solution brings a ton of other benefits to the table as well.

For starters, virtual servers perform much better than any shared hosting option because of the isolated environment and guaranteed system resources (CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.). VPS solutions are also highly secure, allowing you to take all needed measures to protect your data. 

As ScalaHosting partners up with two other industry leaders – Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean – clients can pick between a wide variety of servers and datacenter locations.


Building a new website with WordPress is a no-brainer. The CMS is just too powerful and versatile to pass up on this opportunity. If this is your first rodeo, having a helpful tool like SWordPress Manager will allow you to easily install, manage, and secure your WP-based online projects. What more can you ask for?