Are you prepared for the 5G revolution for mobile apps?

The fifth generation of communication technology is expected to be 20 times faster than its predecessor.

4G connectivity lets you download a movie within an average of 50 minutes, right? 5G will take just nine minutes. Join the 5G revolution and come into the future.

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A speed of 10 to 50 Gbps or higher will become a reality. Lightning-fast would be more than just a phrase. But speed is just one of the game-changing benefits that 5G brings in tow. Other benefits of 5G technology include:

  • Extremely low latency (one millisecond).
  • High reliability.
  • Scope for uniform UX.
  • Heightened network capacity.
  • Widespread availability.

For users, all this translates to:

  • Reduced website/app waiting times.
  • Increased battery life.
  • Improved communication, even in remote areas.
  • Faster file transfer.
  • No lags while streaming 4K, 360-degree or AR/VR content.
  • Elevated app UI with media-rich content.
  • Lower dependence on hardware (because data centres will be doing the majority of processing related to app use.)

That’s quite a handful, isn’t it? For businesses, this means more ways to keep your customers happy. And, of course, more money. A Qualcomm study even suggested that 5G would add more than $13 trillion to the global economy by 2023. But how much you are able to drench in the money shower depends on how well you welcome 5G into your existing business model.


Because 5G comes not just with its bounty of benefits but also a bag full of never seen or heard before challenges. Now, I can hardly think of an industry that won’t be affected by 5G. But talking specifically about the mobile app development segment, present market players need to prepare themselves. Fast.

Those who start preparing for the change while it is still underway will have a clear first-mover advantage. Others will soon be ushered out of the competition. You can either adopt 5G today or be prepared to say goodbye tomorrow. If you aren’t prepared, the lack of 5G readiness will be one of the many probable reasons why your app could get deleted.

Are you and your mobile app 5G ready for the 5G revolution?

The list of brands that have launched or are in the process of launching 5G-ready mobile devices is growing. 5G is not the technology of a far-fetched future anymore. It is the technology of tomorrow, but are you ready for it?

Is your mobile app prepared for revolution? Answer the following questions to find out for yourself.

Are you ready to integrate IoT, VR, and AR technologies into your app?

5G, with its speed, almost zero latency, and higher performance, opens up options to use IoT, AR and VR technologies. GPS, 360-degree videos and great graphics will not seem “a little too much” to add to mobile apps. Your competitors will have it all. Will your app have that too? How will the different elements in your app change with the introduction of these technologies? What changes will be required? Have you factored in the cost of adding these technologies? You don’t just need yes/no answers to these questions. You need carefully designed and precisely planned strategies.

But what if I am better off without these additional technology integrations in my app? To be honest, your competitors would be adding all possible bells and whistles to their apps. If you stay stuck to the basics, there isn’t much market scope for you. Integrating 5G-enabled technologies into your app isn’t a question of “to do or not” anymore. It is about how to do it in the best possible way.

Have you considered the impact of 5G on chatbots in your app?

Chatbots are unlikely to replace humans even with 5G. But the technology will definitely make them much more powerful and useful. This will create better opportunities for prompt, real-time, and accurate feedback and customer interaction.

Have you factored that in with your app development plans? How will your app use the synergy of 5G and chatbots Mobile app development strategists need to have proper plans regarding 5G’s impact on chatbots?

If you don’t have a chatbot in your app right now, you’d have to work twice as hard in the future. Without chatbots, you’d be telling your customers you aren’t available 24/7 for them. And that’s not what customers like to hear.

How will your app deal with the security concerns that 5G brings in tow?

5G means more users and devices on the network. This also means more security threats and vulnerabilities. Patching any and all security loopholes in your app should be a priority in your 5G preparedness plan. If your app is related to IoT devices, this becomes even more important.

Data security is a major concern even for 4G apps. Information leaks and identity theft are major roadblocks. The laws are stricter today. They are expected to get even more stringent tomorrow. But it is not just about conforming to the laws and regulations. Users are also more aware. Unless you can satisfactorily answer questions about security related to your app, you are far from being 5G ready.

Can your app run on 5G-ready devices?

Have you tried running your app on 5G-ready devices? What about the bugs? How is the app’s UX? Is the speed up to the mark? Have you carried out proper app testing?

Anyone can call their app 5G ready. But if you don’t have solid research-backed proof that your app can run perfectly fine on 5G devices, you still have a long way to go.

Does your app have multiple versions for different devices?

The rollout of 5G smartphones has begun. But 4G LTE devices aren’t out of the market yet.

Around 17% of U.S. customers are still using 3G services. The numbers would be much higher in developing Asian and African countries. You cannot launch an app that runs on 5G devices and expect huge download volumes. 5G might be super fast, but acceptance of the technology remains slow.

Till the time every user gets a 5G device, your app will need multiple versions for different devices. Can your app provide a seamless experience across 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and 5G devices? Or will certain segments of your app’s user base have access to fewer features and compromised functionalities? Being prepared for the 5G revolution requires your app to have multiple versions for a multiplicity of user requirements.

Will you be able to cope with the increased influx of users?

5G will bring new devices online. For your app, it means more users. But can your app handle higher user volumes?

Imagine this scenario. There are hundreds (or maybe thousands) of users logged in to your app at the same time. They are all using different functionalities. Now, will your app be able to serve all of them in real-time? Will your app crash due to pressure overload? Are your servers stable enough? Unless your app can handle multiple users at the same time with ease, no lag, and speed you aren’t 5G ready. You need to upgrade your app’s capabilities.

Take the first step towards the 5G revolution today

5G will reinvent the world. You need to be prepared for the reinvention 5G revolution.

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