What are the benefits of upgrading business phones?

The benefits of upgrading business phones

Even though your business telephones may still work, there might be some benefits to upgrading business phones to ones that have more of the latest security, electronics, or technology. New phones can also be good if you are planning on redecorating your office, or even want items that match the colour of your brand or logo. These phones don’t need to be overly expensive, and the extras that they have can be chosen based on the needs of your business.

upgrading business phones work

See who called

Many older handsets may not have a function to view a number that has been called, which can lead to employees not knowing who they may be about to speak to until they have already picked up the receiver. At least, this way, if you do receive a scam or unsolicited marketing call, it will also be quicker and easier to search ‘Who called me from 01709357348’ rather than simply hoping they do not call again, or finding the number through an old-fashioned ring back method. Many newer handsets will also allow you to store numbers that have called you, or that you previously called, allowing for less confusion in the future.

Less distortion

While distortion can have a number of causes, including problems with your connection, or not enough charge in the handset, age can also be a contributing factor. As your phone ages, the quality may deteriorate, especially if it is made of inferior or old parts. In addition to this, frequent usage, and even playing with the cable while you talk, can cause connections to come loose. While they may be able to be repaired, it could be smarter financially for you to simply invest in some better quality items. Distortion can greatly affect your business calls, rendering you unable to hear the person on the other end of the phone, or even misinterpret information. Clear sound and a good quality microphone are vital for you to be able to offer that good service and come across as professional.

Handsfree alternatives

An older handset may also see your staff tied to their desks should a call come in, or to miss calls if they are grabbing a drink, or have moved away from their desk to help a colleague. Implementing wireless handsets, or the ability to connect units to headsets can help to overcome this issue. Also, utilising wireless telephone communications can have a positive effect on your employees’ health in a number of different ways. They may be able to sit more comfortably, avoiding problems with posture, as well as have the ability to move about freely, which can be good for avoiding cramps from sitting too long.

Considering upgrades on the telephones you use may mean that you need to look into your company budget first. However, these upgrades can benefit the way you run your business, as well as the quality and usefulness of the calls your team engages in.