Benefits of outsourcing your IT support

Our digital landscape is ever-changing.

As new services and software emerge our fast-moving digital landscape is essentially changing consumer supply and demand and in that, the way businesses are operating and handling their day-to-day IT operations has drastically evolved and transformed in recent years. It has become increasingly obvious that the only way businesses can effectively manage their IT services and tech, and keep their software and infrastructure up to date, is by outsourcing their IT support to a team of experienced digital caretakers. Outsourcing may not have been something you initially considered but when it comes to IT support, you can’t hire the same talent at home as you would abroad. Casting a wider net can make a huge difference to your IT support team and you’ll find it easier to manage when you do. Hiring managed IT services means you can have help with the technically side of your business, allowing you to focus on business growth and your plan.

A quick search reveals hundreds if not thousands of IT support services offering management of your tech, with businesses providing the very best IT support Plymouth, London, Manchester and all other cities across the UK have to offer. While finding services is easy, finding the right one for you and the needs of your business can prove a little more challenging. Read on your the benefits of outsourcing IT support.

benefits outsourcing It support

Available both remote and in-house, there are many benefits to consider when deciding whether to outsource your IT management to a dedicated service. A professional IT management team not only keeps your day-to-day operations running smoothly, but also effectively plans your services and tech for disruptions, ensures your data and information is kept secure and keeps your digital assets up to date. Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT support.

Combine and centralise

Outsourcing your management service to a team of experienced digital caretakers gives your own staff a single port of call when experiencing technical difficulties. Your business can benefit from centralisation, with your applications, digital services and servers all managed within a single easy-to-access data centre. IT management services also usually offer packages with multiple services offered in a cost-effective bundle, including internet connectivity and cybersecurity. This level of accessibility can greatly improve the performance, productivity and happiness of your own staff.

Disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster such as a cyberattack, would you be able to regain access to your digital assets? Disaster recovery is the process in which you and your staff would access your IT software and physical infrastructure and gain back control following a disruption to your services.

While foreseeing a disaster can prove difficult, an IT management service can assess and evaluate the risks posed to your business. They also work in data recovery and network redundancy, as well as disaster recovery testing and planning.

This is especially important in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, where rolling lockdowns and new variants continue to threaten business continuity.

Resilient infrastructure

Employing an IT management service ensures your own services are maintained and kept up to date. Your digital caretakers rely on robust and reliable infrastructure with modern security to protect your data and information as well as their own. This infrastructure is regularly serviced and under constant surveillance, so you can rest assured your services and software are secure and future-proofed.

Cost-effective expertise and experience

If reducing your overhead costs is a priority for your business, outsourcing your tech and IT management to a dedicated service should be considered. Employing an in-house IT technician may cost you a yearly salary plus benefits, whereas outsourcing your IT management gives your business and staff access to a fully employed team of knowledgeable digital caretakers, who are available for both remote and onsite support – for a fraction of the cost.

Training your employees with specialist skills may seem like the obvious answer, but the reality is they may only ever use those digital skills once or twice. By outsourcing the management of your digital software and infrastructure to an IT service, you gain access to an entire team with specialist skills and expertise, which saves you money and gives your employees the time to focus on the tasks they were hired to do.

Up to date and future-proofed software

An IT management service specialises in IT support and infrastructure, with most service packages offering protection from cyber-attacks and disaster recovery assessments. Employing a knowledgeable, experienced team of digital caretakers means your digital infrastructure, including both your software and hardware, will be kept up to date, protected from cybercrime, and running efficiently. Your data and information will also be backed up and future-proofed with a well-thought-out disaster recovery plan.

Flexibility and support

Many IT service providers deliver flexible payment plans, which can bring mobility to your business through no-obligation short-term contracts. Your management service should also offer both onsite and remote services.

Available during the working day and (depending on your contract) after work hours, 24/7 support means your business will benefit from continuity with minimal downtime and disruptions.

Invest and protect your IT and tech

How could you invest in the latest hardware and software without employing an experienced digital caretaker to manage it all? There are plenty of IT management services. Finding the right one for you can be challenging but the benefits of finding a service that is right for you far outweighs the cons. From better productivity and happy, efficient employees, to increased customer satisfaction, businesses can only stand to gain from hiring a managed IT service.