6 simple steps for a greener business

Making your business greener can seem like a daunting and confusing prospect, not to mention a costly one.

That said, it’s never been more important to adopt an eco-friendly mindset, and going green has plenty of associated benefits. A greener business will be helping the planet, but you’ll also be saving some money and cutting your bills.

greener business

1. Use a green search engine

Green search engines are new arrivals in the tech world, but they promise to shake up the way we think of computer use and the planet. Not only do these search engines prioritise carbon-neutral operations, but they actively give back to nature. Ecosia, for example, uses the revenue generated from searches to plant trees. Adopting a green search engine as the company default is a small step that most people won’t even notice, but it can make a huge difference.

2. Switch to a green energy supplier

More energy companies than ever are switching to partly or even fully renewable energy sources. Switching your business to one of these tariffs is simple (just use a comparison website) but shows your commitment to reducing carbon. Most businesses have a big energy output, but this can be offset by going fully renewable.

3. Audit and switch your water supply

Along similar lines, you can cut down on how much water your business wastes by using a tool like Comparison sites don’t just help you find a cheaper and more efficient tariff, but they give you the option to perform a water audit. This means having your business investigated for leaks and water inefficiency. You’ll receive a report at the end of the audit detailing where and how you can save water.

4. Encourage work from home where possible

Most businesses went fully remote during the pandemic, but there are plenty of environmental reasons to keep this trend going in the future. Employees who work from home don’t have to commute, which cuts down on carbon. They also don’t have to eat out, which cuts down on plastic waste. If you can scale back the office space, you’ll be using less energy, saving money and helping the planet, so home working really is win-win.

5. Recycle

Recycling is one of the oldest green strategies in the book and still one of the best. All businesses should nowadays have their own recycling programme. That can be as simple as encouraging employees to dispose of waste correctly, but many choose to go further. Giving employees reusable cups to replace plastic bottles is just one of the many ways that businesses have got creative with recycling.

6. Replace old appliances

Old appliances guzzle energy at an alarming rate. Newer models come with all kinds of eco-technology, but this is conspicuously absent from anything older than a decade. Outdated appliances will consume the bulk of your energy, and swapping them for something new will make a massive, overnight difference. When choosing a replacement, pay special attention to energy ratings to ensure that you’re getting something efficient.