How to market properties anywhere in the world

Decided to sell your property, but wondering how best to go about marketing it to attract attention from the right kind of audience?

Read our seven step guide on how to market properties properties around the world

Market properties efficiently with these seven steps

If you are looking to market your beautiful property anywhere in the world, whether it is a rambling English countryside manor or a stunning beachside condo in the Caribbean, follow these seven steps for success.

1. High resolution photos and videos

Getting top quality videos and photos of your property is vital, and you must make sure the property is at its best before shooting – this means intensive cleaning and staging of rooms to sell the lifestyle that comes with your property. Don’t forget to get shots of any special or unique features.

Ideally you should use a wide-angle lens to show whole rooms, rather than part of them, while videos are ideal for displaying your property’s flow from one room to another. Include floor plans so that prospective buyers understand your property’s layout and practicalities. Lastly, try to shoot on a sunny day, where light will flood through the windows and the garden will look its finest.

2. Impeccable description

A well written description is vital in marketing properties, allowing prospects to discover everything your property has to offer and get detailed specs. As well as giving an accurate account of what is on offer, you should highlight any standout features, such as spacious terraces or historic importance, ensuring people know what makes your property special.

This was the approach that Emilia Jedamska, property manager at French Riviera villa agency Cap Villas, used with the stunning Villa La Garoupe on Cap d’Antibes, which boasted an unusual past as a celebrity-filled beach bar, hosting Pablo Picasso, The Prince of Wales, John F. Kennedy and F. Scott Fitzgerald in its day. A story like that captures the imagination and will stick in the memory, and while not every property will have this level of intrigue, there is always something you can properties cap villas garoupe

3. Publish and promote

Choose a reputable website that will digitally market your property anywhere in the world, or consider creating a website of your own. Make use of social media channels, such as Facebook, which allow for property pages, consider writing a blog about your property to drum up interest, and send out newsletters to any potential buyers – if you’ve rented your property in the past, it’s worth contacting previous guests.

4. Write your PR

Write a press release and send it to all relevant property media, being sure to personalise your emails to different journalists and publications. Again, if your property has an interesting backstory, use it. This is how Jedamska says she piqued the interest of – and saw Villa Garoupe covered in – major publications such as Daily Mail, Business Insider and Robb Report Villa La Garoupe. By focusing on the villa’s celebrity history in the PR instead of just standard property features, the journalists who received the PR could instantly see that it was an entertaining story that their readers would enjoy.

5. Follow up with the media

Make sure you follow up with the media to check who has published your story, and send follow-ups to those who haven’t – this may seem pushy but is extremely worthwhile, as it could be the difference between lots of publicity and none at all.

6. Embrace social media

Make full use of social media. As well as the aforementioned Facebook property pages, Instagram is ideal for building desirability through imagery, perhaps posting photos of your elegant drawing room or a sunny, plant-filled terrace to sell the lifestyle.

Consider creating an open day on IGTV, so that overseas buyers can pose questions and ask you to see any parts of the property up closer. This will also help you to gain a rapport with your buyers, which can prove invaluable.

7. Work with a few agencies if needed

Collaborate with several reputable real estate agencies if you believe they have different marketing strategies that could work well together, but remember that less is more. You want to retain an air of exclusivity when marketing your property, after all.

Wherever your properties are in the world, we hope that this guide will help you market it and find your ideal buyer in no time at all.