Why you should use a time tracking software

In business, time is money, and efficiency is bliss. In order to avoid unnecessary over-staffing or overtime hours, it is crucial for managers to keep track of their employees’ working time each day. The more accurately you manage to track it, the better you can understand whether you’re organizing the workforce efficiently.

In a classic working environment, working hours are usually tracked via timecard or chip. But as more and more modern businesses enable their staff to work from home, tracking their time can be tricky – managers learn that, due to a lack of control, it is a lot harder to track a remote employee’s time than it is to track others. Time tracking software can be a great way of staying on top of things – no matter where your staff is actually working from.

time tracking software

Some benefits of using a time tracking app

Apps for time tracking are a useful tool for those who want to run their business as efficiently as possible. Staff time tracking online enables your employees to clock in or out of work, and create an accurate reflection of their working hours. Good apps even manage paid time off and enable you to analyze workforce reports. They can even provide data to your company’s payroll system. That means you can use the software reports for calculating and paying wages without additional effort.

Forget wasting time on filling timesheets

As a business owner, who employs staff, you bear a lot of responsibility. You need to make sure, your employees receive the amount of money they actually deserve – overpaying them will harm your gym, restaurant or office, underpaying them may end in conflicts and frustration on both sides. But it’s not efficient to fill out timesheets every day, because it´s time-consuming. By using a time tracking app, you save time (and therefore money).

Effective management

As an app tracking service saves you a lot of time, it is an excellent choice in order to keep your workload small enough to focus on your key tasks. Staff leadership is important, of course, but managing it should not consume a large share of your time.

Ensures accuracy

Despite investing less time in time tracking, you can be sure that the reported hours reflect your staff members´ actual hours. By importing the data into your payroll system, you also minimize the risk of errors. In contrast to manually filled timecards, app solutions are a lot safer to use, which raises fairness, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Many features of a time tracking software

Tracking software is becoming more and more popular in the modern business world, which is not surprising, as it offers features that make time tracking easy and efficient:

Mobile apps

Your staff can clock in or out via mobile using an app that goes with your tracking software. That way, remote work becomes as customizable as it should be.

Different ways of clocking in and out

By offering your employees various ways of clocking in or out, they’ve never stuck to a certain place or device in order to track their work time. That makes online time tracking an individual and responsive solution that offers you and your staff all kinds of advantages.


Instead of manually keeping track of working hours and shifts, use software that digitizes all the data it is fed with. That will save you a lot of time, reduce the risk of errors and lay the perfect foundation for the data transfer into your accounting system.

Compatibility with payroll systems

Through a designated data interface, the collected work hours can be transferred from the software right into the payroll system. That keeps the distribution of wages and salaries efficient, easy and fair.

Fraud proofing

Employees are verified through their signature or through their individual PIN every time they sign in. That way, you can rest assured that whoever clocks in is really your employee and about to get some work done.