Beginner’s guide to play online video slots

Video slots today are a more popular form of gambling than the old slot machines were. The history of video slots dates back over 50 years. They have been around since the 1970s and offer a range of different games, from simple to the latest high-tech casino games.

Most video slots, like standard slots, are based on gambling. The bets you place will determine how much profit you make through your winnings, as each bet is calculated. But online video slots offer more than just a simple distraction for some time-killing fun and entertainment.

online video slotsThe most advanced video slots that offer 3D graphics and sound effects, progressive slots, jackpot systems, mega reels, and gameplay modes with the best bonuses are central to this modern-day form of entertaining.

With the special bonus features available on these modern online slots, video slots have become a favorite form of entertainment for many people worldwide. These are especially popular among users of online casinos and flash casinos.

It’s safe to say that the evolution of video slots has been a long and exciting one. From simple machines like slot machines in Las Vegas casinos to those that offer progressive jackpot games with massive cash prizes, there is something for everyone today.

This guide to video slots is designed to help you understand the difference between video slots and other slot machines, decide which video slots are best for you, how they work, and how to play.

What is the difference between videos slots and other slot machines?

The most common reason both new and old online casino players like video slots than any other is that they include a range of different themes. There are themes based on games of chance, popular sports like Basketball and Football, and those based on popular events like Safari and films, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Thor.

Let’s take a look at some more differences between video slots and other slots and why most online players prefer video slots over their counterparts:

1. More winning combinations

The spinning reels in a video slot machine can show one or more symbols on each reel, indicating the possibilities for winning. Video slots are more versatile and offer up to 5-reels than their standard 3-reel counterparts. This gives players additional chances to win.

On a 5-reel slot, there are 25 possible combinations of symbols that can be shown. While the classic 3-reel slots offer only 15 different ways to win, this means that each combination is not as likely to get you a win as in a 5-reel slot. In fact, with fewer possible outcomes in the classic slots (due to a lower number of symbols or reels), it is actually less likely that any given combination will occur and trigger a payout!

2. More bonus rounds

Most video slots incorporate bonus rounds into their gameplay, while other slots use the popular free spin feature. After each spin, players can wager more money (or play for free) by landing a winning combination on all five reels. Some video slots also feature an “expanding wild” icon that will appear on the outer edges of some of the reels.

3. More paylines and better chances to win

A great number of video slots have multiple paylines. This feature means that you can earn more by playing. Even if you open only one payline, you increase your odds by playing on a machine with multiple paylines.

On the other hand, if you have a slot machine with just one or two paylines that means that all your winnings will be coming from a single spin. So, if you’re going to play slots it wouldn’t hurt to play one that offers multiple paylines and open as many possible paylines as possible.

4. More expensive maximum bets and higher return to player

Video slots differ from classic slot games by allowing you to place bets on individual paylines, rather than just a fixed number – making them the go-to-choice as the highest RTP slots. Since each payline can hold up several winning combinations or “streaks,” your overall bet per line will be higher than in traditional slots. With the increased number of available lines, more opportunities exist for you to win large jackpots!

In addition to this, video slots also provide players with the opportunity to place a maximum bet on each hand and try to win by lining up winning cards.

5. Double up option to maximize your wins

Double Up is another exciting new feature on video slots that allows players to capitalize on the chances presented in a bonus round. When this feature is activated, the reels will continue to spin even if all wins have been made.

Double up option is activated when you either receive two identical symbols on the winning line or two sets of 3 identical symbols at once. It allows you to win the next paid-out symbol on the winning line or set of 3 identical symbols. This means that when you Double Up, there is a greater chance of winning than if you stop where you are!

How to play video slots online?

  • Before playing, read and understand the paytable, instructions, and symbols.
  • Before playing with real money, it’s important to learn about how the payout system works. If there’s a pay schedule or bonus symbol chart available, you should look it over.
  • To maximize your chances of winning, try to play in a slot machine that you can afford.
  • Rather than thinking about what kind of machine you want to play, think about the number of sessions it will take to earn the maximum payout on the machine.
  • Start with a moderate bet, and only increase it to maximize your profits when you’re feeling more confident about your chances of success.
  • Playing slots you enjoy will make the experience more enjoyable.
  • If you have a limited budget, limit your stake for each session. Also, pay attention to any limits on time, amount risked/lost, or winnings that you make.
  • Find a game that you love. Avoid putting your personal finances in jeopardy. You should be able to quit at any time without feeling worried. There is no excuse for the loss of money when playing online casino games.

Video slots at a glance

✓ Video slots have more paylines, and lower house edge.

✓ Enjoy the thrill of any winnings from winning a line bet on an entire row.

✓ Great entertainment with themes based on games, films, and popular events.

✓ Betting limits range from one to fifty credits per spin.

✓ Progressive jackpots depend on how much you bet on each spin, so the more you bet, the greater your potential winnings!