The importance of good content in eCommerce

Good content in eCommerce is an art.

It is a difficult skill to create good content in eCommerce. You want to be informative, but concise. Give the customer the information they need, but not baffle them with too much technical language. Writing content that converts is a balancing act that only a skilled writer can achieve.

good content in eCommerceWhen a new customer visits your online store it is an opportunity for you to make a good first impression. They may be impressed by some snappy images, clean design and spot-on suggestions. But what will really keep them coming back is the content on your eCommerce site.

It also should be said that, as with anything online, quality content is written with SEO in mind as well.

Read on to find out why you need good content for your eCommerce site.

Good eCommerce website content for customers

Your eCommerce website content is the product listings and information on your site.

A good eCommerce site, from a customer perspective, is a healthy balance of user experience and informative listings. Everyone has been through the experience of ordering a product online and discovering when it arrives that it takes up your entire living room, or just fits through the letterbox.

Highlight the information that you know your customer wants to know. That would be the dimensions of the product, or the weight, delivery charges, delivery time and brand. Creating the content so it adheres to SEO guidelines is a big bonus when it comes to ranking.

What is SEO?

We should explain what we mean by SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is a way of developing content so that search engines can find your website easier.

SEO should be at the front of your mind when creating content for anything online. As an eCommerce site, you want your website to move up the rankings to the top of Google and every other search engine.

If there are two sites that sell blankets for the same price and quality, the one with the better content according to the search engine algorithm would appear higher on that search engine. This would be a huge advantage to the blanket seller with the higher ranking as many people tend to only look at the first few listings when they search for anything, including blankets.

There is a lot more to SEO than well-written content. Enter content marketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a way for your site to improve your rankings through backlinks. There are two ways to do this, on-site content (like a blog), off-site content (posting content on other websites).


Building excellent on-site content should be a high priority for eCommerce business owners. They could be in the form of how to videos and guides on your products or simply general advice around your theme

The idea behind writing strong on-site content is that people seeking information will view your content and share it on other sites through backlinking. Unfortunately, it does not always work like that and it helps to perform outreach to other sites and let them know how good your content is, then ask if they will link to it.


This type of content marketing is a good way to improve your SEO and let others know about your eCommerce site.

You can offer to write content for other sites with the condition that they include a link back to your site. People love to share their knowledge and read insights from various industries. If you can prove that you can provide well-written SEO content sites are much more willing to accept your posts.


So, what do we mean by good content in eCommerce? It is essentially content that is written with a specific purpose in mind and can provide concise information for your customers. Writing your eCommerce content with SEO in mind will also help grow your business, in the right way.