How to create a more enjoyable workplace

The working world has come a long way in recent decades. Indeed, the office is virtually unrecognisable from how it used to be in the past.

Today, company owners are going to additional lengths to ensure that their workplace is enjoyable for their employees. And there’s a good reason why they’re doing this — it’s not for the employees’ sake! Studies have shown that people work better when they’re in an environment that they like. So by taking the time to enhance your workplace, you’ll also be going a long way to improving your business too.

enjoyable officeIn this blog, we’re going to look at some of the most effective ways to nudge your workplace in the right direction for it to be more enjoyable. And the best part? None of them is particularly difficult to implement in your business.

Add colour

The offices of the past were known for being, well, a little less than inspiring. It was all grey walls and boring desk and chair combinations. And while you can see some of the appeal of that (it’s at least cheap), it doesn’t make for a terribly enjoyable office. So why not look at adding some colour to proceedings? There are multiple ways to do this. You could, for instance, add your branding to your walls (this helps reinforce your company’s identity) or add art to the walls. It doesn’t really matter how you do it — the main point is that there’s something bright and engaging to see when people look around your premises. 

Relaxing zones

We’ve learned that there’s an upper limit to how long humans can work before the quality of their output begins to dip. And it’s not very long. As such, you shouldn’t only permit your workers to take breaks — you should actively encourage them to take breaks. The issue with breaks is that there’s usually nowhere to go. The employee spends half their break getting outside and looking for a bench to sit on! So why not look at making things a little easier by creating a relaxing zone at your premises? This can simply be a corner or a room where there’s relaxing sitting, snacks, and maybe a hammock. You’ll find that it’s something that your staff value a lot — and that their productivity goes up, too. 

Add the fun

The idea of a relaxation zone took hold in Silicon Valley. And that’s not the only thing that companies around the globe can take from Silicon Valley when it comes to enhancing their workplace. There’s also the fun element. The idea of employees having fun while they’re at work is pretty radical, but there’s a good reason for it. Fun is energising, and energy wakes you up like nothing else. A game of table tennis, for instance, will do more for a person’s energy levels than 10 minutes spent on the couch. You’ll find that it helps to contribute to a fun environment, too — and it’s a good way for employees to make friends with one another. 

Keep it clean

Cleanliness really does make a difference. You can imagine how different it would be to work in a clean environment than it would be to work in a dusty and dirty environment. Of course, the responsibility for keeping the space clean can only fall somewhat on your staff’s shoulders. They can be responsible for their personal part of the office. For the rest, it’s best to hire a cleaner. This won’t just help to make your workplace nicer for your staff — it’ll also prevent your visitors from having a negative view of your business. First impressions count!

And spacious

It’s not only the cleanliness of your premises that you’ll want to focus on. The spaciousness of the office/premises also counts for a lot, too. Our surroundings really do have an impact on how we feel! If your environment is cluttered, then it’ll be more difficult to focus on work than it would be if the room has plenty of space. So take a look at decluttering your office. You may be able to throw a lot of the stuff that’s taking up space. If you can’t, then hire shed builders to build you an additional storage unit onsite. Don’t underestimate just how much of an impact adding some space can have! 

Everyday perks

People do, of course, value their salary more than anything else that their employers can give them. But that doesn’t mean that you should solely rely on the salary. In any case, earning a good wage won’t necessarily create a more enjoyable workplace! There are things that will create a more enjoyable workplace, however. Everyday perks such as free coffee and snacks can have an oddly large impact on the happiness of employees. It’s only a small expense, too.

Employee feedback

There are plenty of initiatives you can take that’ll push your working environment in the right direction. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll know all the right steps to take. Your employees are working at your premises every day, so why not ask for their feedback as to how you can improve the workplace? They might just come up with something that you would otherwise have overlooked. You’re making these changes for their benefit, so it makes sense to get some feedback from them!

Team building

Finally, why not focus on team building? Studies have shown that people are happier at work when it feels like they have friends there. Of course, it’ll be up to you to engineer an environment that allows people the chance to get to know one another. Could you organise some after-work drinks, for instance, or organise a team-building trip? In doing so, you won’t just bring some friendships to the fore — you’ll also be making it more likely that people collaborate on projects, which will have an additional positive impact on your business.


And there we have it! Make these changes, and you’ll be well on your way to having a workplace that you and your employees love, and which benefits your business.