How to create brand awareness at a business event

Are you attending a business event soon and would you like to stand out among the competition?

Then we have a few tips for you! Clothing, promotional items and printed matter can help you on your way. Read on for more about how to create brand awareness at a business event. 

create brand awareness at event

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a general term that describes how familiar (conscious) consumers are with a brand or its products. Simply put, brand awareness is the measure of how memorable and recognizable a brand is to the target audience.

Establishing brand awareness is a powerful marketing strategy that leads consumers to develop an instinctive preference for a brand and its products. Making a brand recognizable and memorable is at the heart of most marketing strategies, as it is a major force in building trust in the brand and ultimately generating revenue.

Be recognizable with clothing

By wearing company clothing with a logo, you are recognizable to visitors. You are also building up brand awareness. Company clothing gives your corporate image a boost! It also looks professional and creates unity among all personnel. You have many types of corporate clothing that you can get printed. Take, for example, the polo shirts from Drukbedrijf (translation: polo’s van Drukbedrijf). They are comfortable and dress well. You can choose from different models and sizes, so there is something for every figure. Furthermore, polo shirts are available in more than 20 colors. You can have your logo and/or text printed on the chest, front and back. It is also possible to combine multiple positions. For example, a logo on the chest and a picture on the back. Besides printing, you can also choose embroidery. 

Hand out promotional tools

Another way to create brand awareness is to hand out promotional tools. There are numerous promotional tools to choose from. For example, have silicone wristbands printed (translation: siliconen polsbandjes bedrukken)  with your logo or a catchy text. Visitors enjoy receiving a free giveaway and this is how you build your brand awareness. In addition, the wristbands serve as a memento of the event and visitors will remember your organization even after the event. You can also choose promotional material that is linked to your organization. Example: do you sell bicycles? Then you could give away a bicycle bell or bicycle lights as a promotional tool. The link with your organization is quickly established!

Inform visitors with leaflets or brochures

Perhaps you haven’t had the time to speak to all the interested parties. Then it is a good idea to give away leaflets or brochures. The advantage of using leaflets is you can give a lot of information about your product or service in these. Also effective for people you have spoken to. They can read everything again at home and immediately have your contact information.  

These are just a few examples of how you can stand out at an event. What type of mediums do you use?