Great foreign business ideas with which you can earn a lot

If you are shifting or have just moved to a foreign country and are looking at business opportunities, you have come to the right article.

Foreign governments that show significant growth potential are excellent for entrepreneurial ventures. Most adults migrating to a foreign country think of starting with jobs and then shifting to a business to earn more money.

While considering business options, you must consider the legal implications of starting or owning something in a foreign country. To get all the information and subsequent paperwork done in time, you should contact a well-known immigration lawyer London and ensure that you are ready. Foremost will be establishing a new identity in the foreign country, registering as a tax-paying citizen, and then starting a company. Good immigration lawyers will help with the setup, legalities, and documentation in the foreign country.

Let us look at a few foreign business ideas with which you can earn a lot of money.

Teaching your native language

Starting a language academy is possibly one of the best businesses you can create. The investment is low (since online learning is the future). If you are a native English speaker, you could help with test prep for competitive exams. Students and their parents pay very highly for good quality English language services. Tests like the IELTS and the TOEFL (that many students have to undergo as a part of their international student applications) will help get your language academy recognized.

If you are not an English speaker and are fluent in another foreign language, you could start French, Dutch, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish lessons, and more. If you have the initial investment capital, you could hire experienced language professors to help with multiple foreign languages. If you keep the teaching method online, you can make a lot of money in the long term.

Import and export

If you have experience running businesses in your homeland and already have an established setup, you could consider expanding your current business. Getting into the import and export of your existing business will help increase your market standing, allowing you to curb costs. It will also help you establish an immediate presence in the new country.

You can increase and improve your existing customer base, improve brand recognition, and ensure additional sales in the long term. You can also bank on existing products and services and get them to a global avenue. You can create a massive demand for your native products and services in a foreign market. Doing this will help open new pathways and increase your profitability over time.


eCommerce start-ups are the future of buying and selling. The internet has allowed easy resource availability. With costs at an all-time low and initial capital less, eCommerce start-ups are soon taking over. Since the global pandemic, most brick and mortar stores have also shifted to an eCommerce platform for sales.

eCommerce businesses are much simpler and faster to scale up and usually only require regular website maintenance. The costs are generally more towards photography, content marketing, social media marketing, and customer acquisition, as against rent, utilities, wages, and more. Most entrepreneurs start with fewer products or services in a foreign country. Once the business shows improvement and recognition in the target audience’s minds, you can slowly begin expanding by adding additional products or services.


Most foreigners starting a business in a new country prefer restaurants that showcase native food dishes and products. Foreigners starting a business in a new country have the advantage of bringing a new unique taste and palate to the locals. Restaurant owners with plenty of capital can also concentrate on fabulous interiors, publicity, news and social media coverage, and great food shows.

If you are not planning to start something so grand, the food truck business is also highly lucrative yet high volume. You can curb costs, lower rents, light bills, wastage of food, and staff hiring by ensuring you start in a low-key manner. However, it should be noted that the food truck business works on high volume and is usually successful only with unique food dishes that typically fall under the fast-food category.

Investment holdings

Many times, instantly starting a business might not be your cup of tea. If you are cautious and prefer to tread into the foreign waters carefully, you could consider investment portfolios. Exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, lesser investments, and low cap funds may be the key to gathering your resources and building your investment business over time.