A day in the life…Global BPO’s legal projects manager, John Truter

John Truter has been Global BPO’s legal projects manager for almost three years.

We thought it would be a good time to have a chat with the legal projects manager at Global BPO about his work, what’s going on in the marketplace and what the future might hold!

Legal projects manager sounds like a broad role, what do you actually do?

It is! I’m responsible for the successful delivery of a wide range of legal projects for our clients. I deal with everything from the onboarding and training of the team right through to briefing the client as things progress and the final product delivery.

Is there such a thing as a typical day?

No! Every day brings a new challenge but there are some constants regardless of the particular project, for example, quality control and analysis to ensure we are being as efficient as possible with our processes.

How has lockdown affected things?

The team dynamic has changed, for sure. Training and upskilling are usually done remotely via online programmes. It’s really important to ensure communication is good when we are not all physically in the same place; keeping everyone constantly on the same page has required some adaptation…but it all works well and the team enjoy the set-up.

How do you see legal project work developing in the future?

I think we are entering a period of flux where companies will try out new ways of doing things and I think working from home is here to stay.

Legal project work has become more technical and complex so it’s not just about having good management and reporting, technology is assuming far greater importance than it ever has and of course, quality and speed will continue to be paramount.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

Without a doubt, the handover of the finished product to the client. The satisfaction of seeing all the individual pieces of work culminate in that single handover and the relief of meeting stressful deadlines!

What’s your favourite type of job and why?

I prefer large-scale eDiscovery projects, which require complex online platforms to host and review documents. Not every project requires such a powerful tool but the correct use of technology is fundamental to successful delivery.

Global BPO legal projects manager, John Truter

I have enjoyed witnessing the evolution of machine learning and believe its benefits extend beyond current use.

What are the benefits which you see clients getting from partnering with Global BPO?

Primarily, access to our pool of resources which can flex up (and down) as required. In high-pressure scenarios – perhaps complex litigation with short, Court-imposed deadlines – we strive to achieve maximum quality and cost-savings for the client. In short, we can achieve things for our clients which they can’t do in-house.