A list of the most secure industrial doors

One of the most important features of an industrial door is the element of security it offers to a building and its contents. As a business owner the safety and security of your staff, assets, and property will be essential in adhering to both health and safety laws and regulations and avoiding any costly damage to your valuable property.

With so many types of industrial doors on the market, you are spoilt for choice. Therefore, it can become confusing and slightly tricky to choose which style of industrial door will offer your business the highest level of security. As a leading manufacturer of industrial doors, Hormann have helped to make this simple with this short lift of the most secure industrial doors.

secure industrial doors

Secure garage doors

Secure garage doors are an excellent option for business owners looking for a cost-effective industrial door which offers long-term functional reliability. Typically, the majority of industrial doors on the market operate with very little noise even at high frequencies. Making them a popular option within warehouses and factories where they will experience consistent use. With a secure industrial garage door, you have a few options when it comes to the design, these include:

Up and over garage doors

Up and over garage doors have certainly improved over the years, with latest models offering a great deal of security. These are ideally suited for closing off parking spaces in collective garages. Their sturdy construction and simple operation make them a popular choice for those looking to enhance the security of their collective garages.

Rolling garage doors

Roller garage doors are potentially the most secure type of garage door available. Thanks to the nature of their design, the compact installation allows for little to no visible access points for an intruder. These garage doors are particularly robust and very simple to operate.

Rolling shutters and rolling grilles

Rolling shutters and grilles offer the perfect solution for approved security without the need for an excessive amount of space. Their strong and robust design means rollers shutters and grilles are favoured for external shop fronts, bars, and car parks.

Upgrading to the latest design of modern roller shutter doors will also provide you with anti-fall back safety brakes as standard. Additionally, they can be fitted with safety edges, safety photo-cells, induction loops, traffic lights, audible warning sirens & full coil casings. All in an effort to increase the safe use of these industrial doors, while they offer the highest level of security for your property.

Fire sliding doors

A fire sliding door is an excellent choice for those working in areas that may be exposed to numerous fire hazards. These doors have been designed and approved to prevent the spread of a fire. Useful in a number of industrial settings, such as workshops and factories, these doors will not only keep your building secure but also protect and save lives and prevent fire damage to your valuable company assets.

High speed industrial doors

Opting for a High-speed industrial door offers many benefits to companies. These doors have been designed to be used both internally and externally, offering you a great range of choice. Not only do these doors offer the benefit of efficient workflow but their swift mechanism will also act as a barrier between your property and potential thieves. The automation of these doors also means you can simply operate them from a distance with ease.

Why does security matter?

No matter the size of your business or the number of employees, every business must address the concern of workplace safety. This includes the security of your property, assets, and staff. For industrial settings, many assets are of high value and are a likely target of thieves and trespassers. Although the choice of internal and external doors may seem trivial, this could potentially stop or prevent the risks posed by security breaches. A physical security system is arguably the most critical and reliable feature. This should include the installation of secure industrial doors.