Huawei Mate View portable 4K PC monitor is the coolest option you have

The Huawei portable monitor is a true innovation. It has a well-designed display with a productive 3:2 aspect ratio.

The Huawei Mate View is a bit more expensive than the average monitor is, but it is well worth the money if you want a flexible and stylish display for your office desk. What we like about this portable monitor is that it has adjustable stand, has a spectacular design, robust frame, multiple connectivity, etc. This portable monitor is the new flagship monitor that Huawei launched. Huawei has put all of its best technology forward with the Huawei Mate View.

Huawei Mate View monitor

True sign of innovation and technology

The Huawei Mate View has a 4K+ 3840×2560 resolution, including DCI-P3 color contrast. It makes this portable monitor a solid choice for professional and creative types. The Mate View is not aimed at the gaming market. It does not have Free Sync, a fast refresh rate or a quick response time. Huawei offers a Mate View GT model that is dedicated to gaming. Huawei claims that every monitor is calibrated in-house for color accuracy. Huawei Mate View has built-in wireless display capabilities. You are covered with USB-C and HDMI connectivity, even if you do not have wireless. The box includes a 135-W charger brick, and a USB-C-to-USB-C cable. If you still plan to use HDMI, you will need to bring your cable.

The monitor has a flexible stand

The Huawei portable monitor has a stunningly beautiful display. The monitor is silver coated. The build quality is robust. Thanks to the 94% screen-to–body ratio, professionals have plenty of ready to use screens at their disposal. NFC connectivity is integrated into the sturdy base, which allows wireless projection on compatible Huawei smartphones. The stand houses the dual 5-W speakers. However, the speaker’s thin design results in a lack of bass response. Huawei has integrated a height-adjustable mount in the monitor stand. You can adjust the height from 7 cm to 18 cm. The monitor has an ideal viewing angle for both standing and sitting desks.

Huawei smart bar

Huawei has ditched the traditional buttons for setting up settings in favor of a Smart Bar. Instead of clicking repeatedly, you can tap and swipe to navigate the various menus on the screen. The bar is not smart or configurable, but it does what it was designed to do. A two-finger swipe will take you to the inputs. One tap will open the settings menu. You can swipe through it using single taps for confirmation and double taps for back up. Once you get used to it, it works great.


Huawei portable PC monitor has eye-protection filter. These monitors have a silver color that makes them very easy to recognize. The display design is minimalistic and avant-garde. The aluminium alloy is polished to a beautiful and elegant finish. 94% screen-to-body ratio is the highest possible level of PC monitors. Two 5-W speakers are also included in the Huawei display. Huawei also added a magnetic cover to the. The screen’s thickest section is 13 mm and its thinnest is 9.3 mm.