Are you guilty of unintentionally damaging your glasses?

Wearing glasses means having corrected vision, wearing a frame that suits your style and having the confidence to go about your day in complete comfort. If you’re someone who wears glasses, then you’ll appreciate how important these frames are to your eye health and your independence.

You’re probably well practised in keeping them clean and placing them carefully on your nightstand when you go to bed at night. But, did you know that you could be unintentionally damaging your glasses without even realising it? Many of the little habits we have include scratching our lenses, bending the frames and dramatically reducing the life of our glasses, which in turn means more money spent replacing them!

damaging your glassesSimple maintenance of your glasses and learning how to fix bent glasses quickly is going to help you preserve and keep your frames in good condition. But, in this post we’re going to highlight some of the ways you could be guilty of unintentionally damaging your glasses, so you know to put a stop to them! Read on to find out more.

You’re putting them on top of your head

If you’re a regular eyeglasses wearer, you’ll have done this at some point. We all place our frames on the top of our heads when we need a break or just so we don’t accidentally lose our glasses by putting them down somewhere else. Unfortunately, if you’re guilty of this you’re effectively stretching your frames and causing damage that might be difficult to repair. When your frames are stretched, they won’t fit your face properly, leading to all kinds of issues. Wear them on a chain around your neck instead.

You leave them in your car

Perhaps you need glasses just for driving, or maybe you leave them in there because you know you won’t forget them when you go to work. Leaving your glasses in the car is a huge no-no, as the heat that builds within your car and the direct heat from the sun can quickly warp your frames and cause unfixable damage. Always take them inside with you!

You’re always falling asleep with them on

We’ve all done it! Whether you nodded off watching TV, or just dozed off after a big meal, we can all relate to waking up with our frames digging into our faces. Unfortunately, this little habit can leave your frames completely bent and misshapen. You could even break them if you roll onto them or accidentally kick them out of bed!

You always place them lens-down

Quickly taking off your glasses sometimes means placing them lens-down on the counter or on your desk. This is a huge problem and can quickly lead to scratches and damage to your lenses. Scratched lenses have to be replaced which won’t be cheap, especially if you have special coatings. Always remember to fold your glasses properly and store them in a case to keep them safe!

Final thoughts

How many of these habits are you guilty of? Start taking better care of your glasses now to increase their longevity and wear!