Fleet advertising: How you can make extra money by wrapping your fleet?

As an additional way to make money, many people opt to have their cars or other vehicles wrapped in a company’s branding to help them generate impressions and engagement.

All while earning money for driving. This is a great option for individuals to earn extra cash, but did you know fleets can also use this opportunity to generate revenue? Transit media companies, like Adverttu, will find companies looking to advertise on vehicles and wrap fleets. Here they have offered all the information you need to know about fleet advertising, how it works, and how it can earn you additional revenue.

fleet advertising

What is fleet advertising?

Let’s quickly summarise how this works and why people would want to advertise on your fleet of vehicles.

On-vehicle advertising is a popular method of out-of-home advertising. It is affordable for companies and a great way to reach audiences in targeted locations. Vehicles can be wrapped with branded advertisements for a period of time to be driven around specific areas. This will reach the company’s target audience and ‘get heads turning’.

For drivers of these vehicles, there is the potential to earn an additional income each week, having cars or vans wrapped in the ad design chosen for each campaign. Earnings will differ and depend upon the impressions generated while driving, the size of the campaign, and wrapping types. Sometimes the wrapping will cover the entire vehicle; other times, it may only be across one side or the vehicle’s rear. This will be decided by the advertiser, based on their marketing campaign budget.

How does vehicle advertising work for fleets?

For fleets, it can be as simple as partnering with a transit media company that will be able to source advertisers, wrap the vehicles, make payments, and track the success of the campaigns. As drivers attract impressions, monthly payments will be made in accordance with the partnership. Although most of the control can be left down to the transit media company, as a fleet manager, you can decide which advertisements are wrapped onto your fleet and how often you choose to have your vehicles covered. Campaigns can last for varying degrees of time but typically last for a few months.  It is also important to know, car wraps will not leave marks or damage the paintwork of your fleet and do not take long to put on or remove. In terms of the simplicity of on-vehicle advertising, for those looking to make some extra money by putting your fleets on the road, this is a great option.

How much money can my fleet make?

Earn while your fleet is out on the road. Of course, the more vehicles you have in your fleet, the more money you will make. In some instances, a monetised fleet could add £100k in extra revenue with on-vehicle advertising! This additional revenue could help cover the cost of running your fleet, such as fuel expenses and insurance. On top of this, the data collected by both the advertising company and transit media company may contribute to lower insurance premiums, as driving behaviour is monitored.