Local proxies: The key to global content

What is a local proxy?

Proxies are an essential part of the internet. Typical HTTP traffic may pass through multiple proxies during each request. For example, these could be cloud servers or site-caching servers acting as proxies to speed up a website. The most common client-relay proxies are anonymous proxies and unblocker proxies. These proxies are also called ‘local proxies.’ As the name implies, these proxies can make foreign traffic appear as local traffic for various purposes.

local proxies

This article will cover the fundamentals of local proxies, their uses, and how they can open up the genuinely worldwide content available on the internet.

Local proxies: The key to global content

There are various kinds of proxies on the internet. Some proxies speed up page load times (caching proxies), others increase privacy (anonymous proxies). Local proxies can fall into either of these categories. In short, a local proxy means a proxy that resides in a particular region local to the content you wish to access.

A surprising amount of internet content is region-locked; this practice is also called geo-blocking. Content may be region-locked due to licensing agreements or multi-region differences often seen in games and movies.

While region-locking has some benefits for content that requires changes in particular regions, it is detrimental for content that never sees a global distribution. For example, if you want to view a movie that was never released outside of Japan, you need a local proxy to gain access. Visit and get huge discounts on various proxy services.

How local proxies work

Like most other proxies, a local proxy is an intermediary between you and the server you contact. Any communication between you and the server first passes through the proxy, transmitting it to the destination. This relay behaviour effectively hides your information from the server, which will only see the proxy as the point of contact.

The point about hiding your personal information is the primary detail that makes local proxies function. Since the server only sees the proxy, the server assumes the client is in the same region as the proxy, bypassing any geo-blocks.

A local proxy is an ideal solution for streaming content and can open up a wide range of entertainment not usually available worldwide.

Other uses for local proxies

In addition to streaming region-locked media, there are other benefits to local proxies. There are obvious privacy and security advantages that stem from hiding your actual location. Researchers may use local proxies to collect demographic data from online communities or stores in that particular area.

Recently as more of our interactions occur online, local proxies are playing a role in shifting public opinion via bot accounts and automatic posting. While the legalities of such uses are questionable and vary by jurisdiction, it’s clear that local proxies are only becoming more popular in digital life.

There are also cases where a proxy might be faster than communicating directly with a website, especially in remote regions. If your proxy employs data caching, it can send you the newest website version without contacting the remote server. The proxy can be noticeably faster if the webserver in question is under heavy load or generally slow. Caching does not work in all cases, especially with transactional requests such as banking or online shopping, but is fine for general browsing.

Choosing the best local proxies

Now that you understand how local proxies work and when to use them, the next step is selecting a proxy. With so many proxy providers, you may be wondering how to pick the best one.

Since not all proxies are the same, and quality standards vary between providers, it’s crucial to choose a residential proxies provider with a stellar reputation and criteria. Every proxy website will be quick to brag about its strengths, but user reviews are one of the best ways to determine great proxies.

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