Do you need a managed print service?

What is a managed print service and why do you need one?

Using a managed print service provides a crucial service to businesses by handling all of their document output needs. It allows companies to ensure professional and high-quality printing.

managed print serviceA managed print service can help control printing costs, boost productivity and promote the business. Choosing to use the services of this type of company further provides a higher level of document security and improving environmental sustainability.

Considering whether to open an account with a managed print service is not an easy step to take. You might even think that using a printer is easy, so why outsource this to another company? Printing is more complicated than you might think.


The term printing refers to far more than just the documents a company needs to produce. It also includes:

  • The managing of all the printers in the workplace.
  • All copies are produced by any office workers.
  • In house or remote worker printing.
  • All printing equipment including copiers, fax machines and scanners.
  • Materials and documents that need to be sent out for professional printing such as offset printing, quick printing, mailing and distribution.
  • IT help desk with full support.
  • Maintenance and technical services.
  • Equipment upgrades.
  • Print materials such as paper, toner, ink and other consumable supplies.

Printing and print materials are a heavy expense for a business and can account for as much as 15% of yearly spending. By using a managed print service, costs can be decreased by as much as 30%, which offers significant savings.

Should you use a managed print service?

There are many ways your business can benefit from using a managed print service. In addition to overseeing the performance and function of all the companies printing equipment, a print service can also professionally analyse and assess a company’s printing infrastructure. They will solve existing or potential printing problems while providing a constant source of supplies for the office.

A managed print service will help you build a plan to equip the office with the required printing devices to meet the needs of the business. It will continuously monitor the needs and habits of the individual business to make sure their print equipment is running functionally, kept on top of updates and are as efficient as possible.

Other benefits managed print can provide include:

  • Quick and easy access to secure printing for remote workers.
  • Network management.
  • IT integration including cloud-based solutions and platform support.
  • Digitisation of slow paper-based processes.
  • Training for your employees on how to operate and get the most out of the equipment in the office.

A good print management service can relieve so many of the issues surrounding printing needs and document management. It allows a company’s management and employees to concentrate on more important aspects of running the business. Employees will be able to do their jobs better, prioritising success, and enjoying an efficient, professional atmosphere.


To get the best service possible from a managed print service it is important to do your research. Check around for a reputable company. Take into consideration many factors such as the services they can offer your business. Find out the quality and consistency of the supplies they provide and stock the office with, any costs and fees associated with using the service. Read online customer reviews and comments, good and bad as some companies may have different needs that the service is unable to provide.

Consider getting quotes from several service providers before making a final decision. Then you can easily compare the costs associated against the services being offered to you. Using a managed print service is about making your business run smoother, so you need to find the right one.