6 dehumidifier benefits for homes and businesses

What are the dehumidifier benefits?

Dehumidifiers are becoming increasingly important for homes and businesses across the UK. A dehumidifier removes the humidity from the air, but this provides a lot of extra benefits.

dehumidifier benefits


Whether you are planning to buy a dehumidifier or use a dehumidifier hire service, here are six of the most important benefits of dehumidifiers for your home or business.

1. Reduce the risk of mould forming

Mould is a serious problem wherever it forms, and you don’t want it to become a problem in your home or place of work. But mould needs humidity to grow and thrive, which is why it often occurs in bathrooms.

Mould is not only unpleasant in appearance, but it can also cause health problems. Rather than treating it once it appears, it’s always better to prevent it from growing in the first place.

That’s where a dehumidifier can be invaluable. By reducing the amount of moisture in the air, a dehumidifier will make the environment less hospitable to mould, helping to prevent it from forming in the first place.

2. Reduce allergies

One of the main benefits of using a dehumidifier in your home or place of work is that it can help to reduce allergies. If you or any of your employees suffer from allergies, dehumidifiers can be highly effective.

Many allergens, like mould, mildew and dust mites, require a hospitable environment, which means one with plenty of moisture in the air.

By reducing the moisture in the air in your home, office or laboratory, a dehumidifier can reduce allergens in the air, thereby reducing discomfort for people who suffer from allergies.

Another important benefit of this is that it can help to make the working environment more pleasant for your employees. People will be more comfortable when not suffering from allergies, and this can mean they become more productive.

3. Protect your belongings

You want to protect your belongings in your home or workplace from the damage that can be caused by fungus, rust and mould. For example, you may have books, art, clothes, curtains and furniture that can all become affected by these things.

In addition, electronic items don’t go well with moisture at all, and metal items can be affected by rust when they are exposed to moisture over a period of time.

By using a dehumidifier and reducing the humidity in the air, you can help to protect your belongings and valuables from the potential damage caused by rust and mould.

4. Get rid of bad odours

One of the biggest problems caused by moisture in the air is the bad smells that it can cause. We’ve all walked into a room before and instantly been hit by a bad smell. It’s not pleasant, so don’t let the same happen in your home or office.

Bad smells are often caused by mould or mildew, which require humidity in the air to thrive. When you use a dehumidifier, you will reduce the excess moisture in the air, which can help to prevent the growth of mould or mildew and reduce the risk of unpleasant musty smells.

5. Create a more pleasant environment

When there is less humidity in the air, clothes dry faster when you hang them up, food stays fresher for longer, and it’s simply a more pleasant environment to spend time in, which is important for both home and work environments.

You can also improve the air quality by using a dehumidifier so you will know that you and your employees are breathing clean air.

6. Reduce energy costs

Dehumidifiers can have a positive effect on energy use in the home or at work. If you have an air conditioner, for example, using a dehumidifier can help it to be more efficient.

This is because if your home or office is humid, the air conditioner has to work harder in order to cool the air and remove the moisture. Not only does it use more energy, but it could end up needing to be replaced sooner as a result. Using a dehumidifier solves these problems.

Enjoy the benefits of dehumidifiers

These are some of the most important benefits that you can enjoy in your home or business when you use a dehumidifier hire service. Quiet, safe and highly efficient, our dehumidifiers can provide you with all of these benefits and more besides.

So contact us to find out more about hiring a dehumidifier for your home or business today. Some dehumidifiers are more effective than others and last longer too, while some are more suited to industrial use where specialist drying equipment is needed.

Whatever type of dehumidifier you need, get in touch today with CAS Hire with any questions you have and we’ll be happy to help.