Business exhibition: How to set up a stall

What is a business exhibition?

A business exhibition is a trade fair where companies within a specific industry can demonstrate their products and services. This can be industry, from finance companies such as bitcoin era, or from tech computer companies such as Virgin. They are a good opportunity for startups and smaller companies to make an impression. This article will focus on how to set up a perfect business stall.

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Reaching an audience

Nowadays, it’s commonplace for businesses to use programs such as Slack and Microsoft Teams for internal communication. For external communication, social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are common for communicating with your audience. However, solely relying on these can in a way distance yourself from your audience. Having an option to communicate with your audience face-to-face can make a huge difference with your image.

If you are a start-up in its early stages, the first thing you want to do is identify a target audience. Most businesses do this before setting up. Identifying a target audience is a key step to set up a business stall when you are at an exhibition. It will tell you how to market your show. For instance, a business focusing on technology would be marketed differently from e eCommerce business.

Market your business for the audience you have. Having someone on board who is trained in this area or hiring outside help can help. This will benefit you as it will let you see prospective customers face-to-face as well as other companies in the industry.

Marketing material

As previously mentioned, a business exhibition is an excellent marketing opportunity. It will let you communicate with an audience and hopefully expand your reach, getting you seen by more customers. On top of this, you should prepare marketing material for the event. This can be business cards, leaflets, stickers or magazines. There’s a long line of marketing material you can choose, but you should only invest in what will get your image out there. There are plenty of printing companies that can offer their services to you to help out with this. Many companies out there already use promotional material, so make something rememberable, but practical.

Stall setup

One of the key steps in the process to set up a business stall is the design and layout itself. As well as promoting your brand in the right style and colours, you need to make sure the layout is perfect. Any leaflet or brochure (and any other marketing material) needs to be clearly displayed and easily accessible. Don’t leave them somewhere they can’t reach themselves. Make sure that any lighting fixtures are working before the event and think carefully about your staff as well. Have the right amount of staff to run the stall effectively. Perhaps you could have one person to greet people and hand out leaflets.

The exhibition that works for you

Some of the larger companies can afford to have a stall at exhibitions that are not necessarily related to their business. But if you are on a limited budget you would not have this luxury. Finding the right exhibition for you is a must. An exhibition that fits well with both your marketing message as well as your business ethics will connect you with the right audience. For example, a computer tech exhibition would fit well with your brand if you are in the industry. The exhibition will be filled with like-minded individuals.

Network at the business exhibition

Networking is an important skill to learn. If you want to fully reap the benefits of an exhibition, you need to network with the other stalls. Socialise with the other people there and try to hand out as many business cards as you can. The same goes with receiving as many as you can. This will help with getting your business out there as well as hopefully connecting you with other businesses. Getting email addresses and telephone numbers from relevant people can lead to a fruitful relationship and a boost to your business. The best part about networking is that you do not have to set up a business stall. You could go to the event for the sole purpose of networking. You might not get your brand out there quite as well, but you could still meet prospective customers.

A business exhibition can be the perfect place to market your business, so long as you come prepared.