How to make your workplace more energy efficient

Keeping the workplace energy efficient

Now more than ever, it is important to think and invest in ways your company can be more energy efficient. It can help you reduce bills for your company and can also help the environment. Regardless of your industry, there are many ways for you to make your business more energy efficient. It can be confusing knowing where to start when it comes to making your workplace more energy-efficient, that’s why Junair Spraybooths has shared their top tips to help you get started.

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Reduce delay on automatic doors

Automatic doors are a great thing for many businesses, especially in the manufacturing industry. Some rooms are required to stay cold, or hot, so having automatic doors allows for the room to stay at the desired temperature. To save energy, sensors or a time delay are used to keep the door closed.

Energy savings can be made by reducing the time delay for the automatic closing of the door and limiting access to the room when possible.

Heating and air conditioning

Did you know that heating and air conditioning use equates to 20% to 40% of a building’s energy? Upgrading your heating and air conditioning system is something you should consider doing to help improve your energy efficiency, especially if your system is over 10 years old.

Both portable heating and blow heaters can use a lot of electricity, so if it is possible to, try replacing them with another heating method. Also, air conditioning and heating systems should be set to the optimum level during the year, so the energy and electricity are used most effectively.

Replace existing lighting fixtures with LED lighting

LED lighting is already growing in popularity for both businesses and home lighting choices. An average household can reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40kg a year, by replacing their current lighting to LED. So it has the potential to provide similar results for businesses. This is an easy change to be implemented into your business and will be significant for your energy efficiency and in the manufacturing environment, as the quality of light is so great.

Natural lighting

Having natural light in the office is a benefit for your energy efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Where possible, having natural light in the room allows for lights to be turned off or dimmed. If natural light in your workplace is very harsh, you can use window tints. Daylight in the office can help your employees’ quality of work, reduce eye strain, help employees feel less drowsy, and can help reduce the likelihood of headaches as well.


Insulation can act as a barrier against temperature shifts in the workplace, both in the cold winter months and the hot summer season.

Making sure your workplace is well insulated is another way to ensure your organisation is more energy efficient. Having double glazed windows is one way to insulate your office and can be especially effective in colder months. Using window film can be another method for cutting energy consumption that can be beneficial year-round.

Making sure that your windows, doors, heating and air conditioning are properly sealed will help reduce the likelihood of leaks and drafts in your workplace.

Making small changes in your facility’s heating, lighting, and equipment usage can make a large difference to your annual energy consumption. These are just the first steps you and your business can take to make your workplace more energy-efficient. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start looking at bigger projects and start monitoring your usage to understand what systems consume the most energy.