Effective ways to promote your blog on social media

Do you get anxious if your blog is not getting enough reach? Writing a blog post can take huge chunks of energy and precious time, right? What a tragedy if you are not getting enough traffic on your blog post.

However, some bloggers use Instagram organic growth service to promote their blog on social media. While these tools are not free to use, they really work, and those who use them get followers. But many bloggers look at other ways to achieve their goals and become more popular. 

social media likes blogIn this post, you will read about the effective ways to promote a blog on social media without spending a dime.

Bring value to the readers

It is an important factor to bring value to the readers.

No matter how hard you try, if your blog is boring and does not contain knowledge, nobody will read it. Let me tell you why. Nearly 80% of social media users go through blog posts. They all look for something in the blog. For a solution to their problem, to find entertaining content, or for any other purposes. 

Therefore, your blog must fulfill any one of the purposes to gain their read. Either give a solution to their problem (the blog you are reading right now is the example of the problem-solving blogs), bring some insights to people, or your blog brings entertainment to the readers.

Pro tip: Make your blog controversial. Most people tend to share controversial posts more because people love controversies.

Consistency is the key to success

This method is quite effective but requires lots of time investment. Make your accounts on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. And start interacting with people with your content. Make yourself visible and increase your followers. To increase your followers, you need to get consistent with your interactions.

Avoid showing up to your followers once a week with a blog and hide back in the shadows. Instead, try to engage with your followers every day. Share some other influencer’s blogs if you are out of content. Or share stories on Instagram to maximize your interaction with your followers. Remember, you need to build a strong connection with your followers to gain traffic to your sites. Once you have created that, you can always direct your followers to your blog sites via links.

Search engine optimization

Many are aware of this term. However, maybe some of you are reading this for the first time. Believe me! SEO is not as scary as it looks. SEO gets used for ranking sites according to the searches on the internet.

To get your blog in the top-ranking, the blog should contain quality and accurate content to the search engine. Furthermore, using the right keywords in your blog is the key to match google or other algorithms. Now you might have a question about how to find a keyword that works. Well! You can use various SEO helping tools to find the perfect keywords by inputting a phrase or title of your blog.

SEO is very useful. It has the power to increase your blog visibility, which will eventually bring traffic to your site.