How to create the best bonuses for your online sports betting platform?

If you have an online bookmaker, you already know that the iGaming industry is highly competitive.

Thanks to Malta and Curacao, people can create online betting platforms and get a license fairly easily. This has led to the creation of numerous online sports betting platforms, and most of them give punters access to plenty of sports as well as bonuses.

sports betting bonusesSince you can’t invent any new sport and already offer plenty of features, the only logical department where you can make many changes is in the bonuses. Clients love promotions, which is why almost every bookmaker offers several proposals. Lucky for you, most online bookmakers focus on quantity instead of quality, which means that their promotions are not worth it. This gives you the chance to stand out, as long as you create good bonuses that people can use once they start betting.

Unfortunately, creating new sports betting bonuses requires a lot of creativity, which means it isn’t easy. Here are just a few ideas that you can take into account.

Make sure that your rollover requirement is not as high as in other online bookmakers

Every promotion that gives some sort of bonus cash (regardless if it requires a deposit or not) should have a wagering condition. Once you add this requirement, you can be sure that no one can withdraw their bonus without using it first. Naturally, most online bookmakers take full advantage of their users because they add strict rollover conditions that are really difficult to comply with. The good news is that there are some exceptions because you can copy the code from while registering at BoyleSports, and you will see that some of their offers don’t have high rollover conditions that are impossible to complete.

Although some punters may not appreciate your user-friendly conditions right away, others will start using this platform. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should give away free money, although this will attract thousands of new customers. Try to think of a wagering requirement that people can complete fairly easily in a short period of time. For example, most sportsbooks that provide bonus funds require their users to wager that amount five times within a week.

Organize sports betting tournaments with different prizes

Most online bookmakers realize the importance of their bonus sections, which is why they change some of the offers all the time. You can do the same thing, but this won’t make you stand out because you will be just like any other online bookmaker. For example, people who use the BoyleSports bonus code from Nostrabet will have the chance to utilize several rewards, some of which can change every week. Therefore, you have to do something else if you want to become more attractive.

One of the things that you can do if you want to bring over new clients is organizing a sports betting tournament. There are loads of options that you can choose from, but most of your customers probably punt on football. So, if you create a football betting tournament with different prizes, most of your clients should take part in it.

Besides different betting bonuses, you can also give them special prizes, such as tickets, trips, smartphones/tablets, and more.

Think of your loyal players and let them know you appreciate them

If you want to keep as many of your existing customers as possible, it is probably a good idea to create some kind of a loyalty program. Most online bookmakers don’t offer these rewards, so you can head over to your colleagues’ online casinos to check what they offer.

If you decide to provide your users with a VIP program, you have to make sure that it offers exciting perks. In addition to the special events, birthday bonuses, and free bets, you can also give them access to a dedicated customer support team.