Personal development – How to reinvent your coaching business

We all have dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve in life, but how many of these do we accomplish? Looking back, were any of these dreams realistic to you and your coaching business?

So as you ask yourself ‘’Where do I start?’’, the answer is very simple. Regardless of whether you have just launched your new business or have been running for the past five years, setting targets for your OWN personal development is crucial. Without these, you are not going to go anywhere special with your coaching business.

personal development

What is personal development?

Personal development is defined as a process; a lengthy one mind, where you improve the skills and experience that you possess in your job role, company, or organisation. Whether that’s by taking an online training course relevant for your industry so you can broaden your horizons, or simply wanting to improve how you talk to customers so you can increase potential sales over the phone – these are all geared towards improving your own skills & development, and ultimately, how your business performs overall. There are a few benefits for setting targets for yourself, not only in your professional career but for your own personal life too.

Your journey starts here…

To get the results that you desire, you will need to take the time to listen to yourself and understand what is stopping you from moving forward. We have provided a step-by-step guide that we hope can help you on your newfound path to success.

Step 1: Where are you right now?

The first challenge to face is to understand where exactly you are right now, and where you’d like to be in the future. Whether you write down notes or draw a mind map; whatever helps you to collect your ideas best, think about where you are right now and what position you would like to be in within the next couple of years.

Secondly, now think about what you desire. Not what you think others will expect from you, but what you would like to achieve and bring to your life, career, or organisation.

Once you have completed both, go back and blueprint what this new-fangled lifestyle will deliver in return for financial rewards, freedom, and your general happiness in life.

Step 2: Think about your strengths, weaknesses & gaps you have?

As individuals we’re always going to have aspects, we are good at and others that we are not so proficient at. You can’t be expected to do everything – but what you can do is create feasible solutions to your weaknesses.

When at this stage you should ask yourself, questions including:

  • What do I excel in?
  • What could do with improvement?
  • How does this impact my coaching business?

Ask yourself these questions and write down your response to them. If you answer for example that you struggle to communicate clearly to prospective clients – what could be done to improve this? Should you improve your social content, try to change your attitude, or undertake a business coach course?

By doing this a clearer picture will appear in your head, incite as to how you can move forward with your coaching business.

Step 3: Setting up goals for your personal development

The next order of priority is to decide the goals you would like to achieve in the short-term and long-term. These can relate to your personal life; whether that’s running your first marathon within the next 12 months, or for your business, such as aiming to recruit a marketing professional to reach out to potential new clients.

You should only set yourself a couple of goals to achieve – not too many or you could get overwhelmed. These should be reviewed regularly to see how you are getting on, and to make changes if required. Think about how each of these goals for your personal development will help you perform better in your personal life and business.

Step 4: What is stopping you from achieving these right now?

Refer to Step 2 where you defined your strengths, weaknesses and gaps you have, and focus on the latter two. If we use our example again – why do you struggle to communicate clearly with prospective clients? Is it because you don’t proof read what content you write, you are typically unorganised, or because you lack experience in the industry?

Work out the details and create a plan of action – many factors can hold us back from reaching the goals we set, but now you have written them down, aspects will begin to change because you’ve started to shift your mindset.

Step 5: Take your plan from paper to action

We are now at the final stage on your road to new found happiness and success. Simply, it is time to retrieve all your plans, notes and everything you’ve written down, and take it to action.

Of course, this is only the beginning, but the key to becoming a successful business coach is to understand yourself. Once your mindset changes, your confidence increases, and you’ll begin to see your true value and reap the rewards.

Reach out, make your move, and reach the next level.