Struggling to drive traffic to your site? 7 places to look

Building traffic to your site

Are you having trouble bringing eyes to your products? Are you wondering what tactic the big-boys in your industry are using to increase targeted traffic? Are you looking for views on your videos but don’t know how to go about it? There are many ways to build traffic to your site.

traffic to site

If any of those is a question you’re asking, then this post is for you. In the next few lines, I’ll teach you tactics you can use to drive traffic to your site.

What you’ll love most about these tactics is that they aren’t just going to bring one-time traffic to your site. Instead, they will drive repeat traffic – people who always want to come back to your site after their first visit.

So, let’s roll.

How to drive traffic to your website

1. Buy web traffic

The first and the easiest way to drive traffic to any site is to buy them. I know you’ve probably heard it’s illegal or not-so-cool to do that, but hear this.

Buying web traffic is no longer the con game it used to be. Nowadays, it simply involves a cautious attempt (executed by professional providers) to identify the right audience and then draw them wherever you want. In other words, you pay a company to find and bring people who would have otherwise loved to visit your site in the first place.

With this tactic, you can buy as many site visitors as you like – 1k, 5k, 100k… etc.

The beautiful thing about buying web traffic is you can always trust the bought visitors to return and check your site out in the future for free. Provided they love your site content!

2. Search engines

I know you’re probably tired of hearing the word SEO, but I wish there was a better route to getting site traffic. SEO still remains the ultimate means to driving traffic to any site.

Why? Because search engines are still people’s most trusted source of information. If you can get your SEO game right, then I can assure you that you’ll never run out of traffic on your site.

What’s more? As long as you keep ranking well, you can rest assured that your traffic influx will never cease.

So, I implore you to go back and give SEO a second trial.

3. Discussion boards and forums

Today, there are dedicated forums and boards online where people congregate to discuss, learn and argue about specific topics. You could find boards about motorbikes, FIFA games, Shopify theme, railroads, etc. And in these boards, there could be thousands of members discussing or arguing about specific subjects.

If you’re looking for site traffic desperately, this is another great place to look.

While in these forums, you want to present yourself as an authority – someone with better knowledge and understanding of discussion topics. You also want to help people out anytime they raise questions or concerns. This way, members will quickly recognize you and relate with you.

From these boards, you can easily encourage members to check out your site. If you’re lucky that one of the questions being raised is one you’ve already touched on your site, you can even suggest to members to check out a more detailed answer on the site.

How do you find the best boards to join? You can easily research some forums using Google advanced queries.

4. Communities and groups

Like forums and boards, there are discussion communities and groups online, too. You could find them on Google Plus Communities, Facebook Groups, Instagram handles, Twitter threads, and LinkedIn Groups.

You can quickly research available social communities using the Google search bar or use industry-related hashtags on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

As far as driving traffic goes, the same procedure discussed in #3 above still holds. You solve people’s problems and then encourage them to check your site out.

5. Comment sections

I know a lot of people dread the reality of “Google slap,” but the truth is you will never land in Google’s hot waters if you’re simply dropping insightful and helpful comments here and there.

So, how do you go about this? It’s very simple.

You simply go on apps like or There you’ll find the hottest blogs in your niche. Once you identify these blogs, check out their posts and leave insightful comments in the comment section.

Usually, many of these blogs will allow you a space to attach your site link. Leverage this opportunity while commenting on their posts.

6. Guest blogging

If you can write well or have someone who can help you out, then guest blogging makes so much sense for driving traffic to a site.

As you may well know, every industry niche has hundreds of active blogs and authority websites. And in these sites are thousands of active users. If you can get your posts approved and published on some of these sites, imagine the number of eyes that will see them.

To show you how powerful guest blogging can be, even Buffer (the popular Instagram third-party app) got their first 100k customers via guest blogging.

7. Press release

Last but not least is a press release.

You can drive a great amount of traffic to your site by submitting a press release to a media outlet. Many site owners don’t love this method of traffic generation because of how difficult it can be. But as the saying goes, “anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.” So if traffic is what I want, then I have to exploit every means available to me.

Usually, you’ll have to identify the biggest media outlets in your niche that are accepting press releases. Then you’ll need to actually write the content and then hope they accept it when you submit it.

Fear not, there are so many press release writers on platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork who can help you write awesome press releases in a journalistic and newsworthy fashion.