Three ways to make your business more eco-friendly

Every person on this planet is confronted with a complex problem called global warming.

We all seem to be in control over being green in our day-to-day lives, especially when it comes to recycling, using more reusable items, and changing our eating habits. Nowadays, businesses have also begun doing their part and making more of an effort to help and be more eco-friendly while still running their business. The process of changing a company’s image by running it in a greener manner can have a huge impact on the ongoing battle against global warming.

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Knowing where to start can be a challenge. You can start making your business greener right now by checking out some of the tips below:

Using less paper

You can become greener in this way very easily. The trend has been adopted by many businesses and is moving towards a paperless business model. Currently, businesses are even offering their customers paperless options in order to make their green campaign more successful and are sending out emails instead of paper mail. In the past few years, technology has had a great impact on the way that businesses run and as a result, there is no need for businesses to sign contracts, paperwork, invoices, and more manually. They are instead stored digitally rather than on paper.

Bike to work program

CO2 emissions generated by trips to work are among the highest. Global warming is one of the factors contributing to the problem. This is something that should be cut down as much as we can, so that would be a good thing. Businesses will be able to do a lot more to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads by reducing the number of commuters. This will help to a greater extent to tackle global warming. Providing your employees with a cycle-to-work scheme is a great way to encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint but also to help your company reduce its carbon footprint.

Make sustainability part of the workplace

In the workplace, why not continue recycling as we do at home? As long as you have recycling protocols in place at the workplace, your employees will recognize the importance of recycling and will support you and the environment. Recycling has become a common practice among businesses, some due to laws requiring it, while others to protect the environment. Your employees should have access to a recycling bin at work. Recycling can be easily integrated into daily work life with this simple but effective method. You can recycle a lot of “garbage”, such as paper, drinks bottles, food cans, and food containers, at lunchtime. It’s also a good idea to use sustainable companies such as Ellers Farms Distillery to show your employees that it is part of your company culture.

In your business, you can use these three great strategies to become more eco-friendly. Is your company already doing anything to protect the environment?