How to operate an online bookmaker with thousands of customers?

Having an online business is difficult, even for people who have previous experience.

Things become even more complicated if you operate an online bookmaker because these websites are heavily regulated. In other words, you have to be careful not to break the rules because your website might be banned from certain countries.

operate online business bookmaker

Creating an online bookmaker is difficult, but managing an already existing website that is available in several countries is not easy either. That’s why the biggest iGaming companies in the world have several managers (usually one for each country). Of course, this requires many resources, which is why some bookmakers can’t afford it. As a result, you can often find the so-called “one-man shows”, where the bookie’s owner is also the manager.

Operating an online casino with thousands of customers is complex, but it is not impossible. Let’s take a look at some of the things that people do to manage this process.

Hire at least a few people to keep an eye on different things

While it is true you can communicate with the different gambling authorities to get a license for your online bookmaker and operate within the given jurisdiction, you need to hire other people to run an online bookie. Otherwise, you will be busy 24/7, which is not something that most people want. Hiring people is never easy, but if you visit one of the prominent online bookies from, you will see that it has many employees. In other words, it is not impossible to find people suitable for the position you need.

Apart from the customer support department, you need to find someone responsible for the bonuses. People love using different kinds of promos, so it is important to keep this section up to date. You could do that yourself, but you need to be careful when drafting the Terms and Conditions. That’s why most people who have an online bookmaker prefer to hire a lawyer when it comes down to drafting the conditions. This is a guarantee that the rules will safeguard your interest (in other words, they are written in a way that works better for you).

Bookmakers attract thousands of sports fans, so it is probably a good idea to hire at least a few tipsters. Besides keeping an eye on the odds and coming up with new markets, you can ask them to write detailed predictions. 

Always visit other online bookmakers and think of ways of improving your platform

The fact that you have many customers means that your platform is good. However, the iGaming industry is fast-paced, so you might lose a lot of punters unless you keep up with the latest trends.

Besides checking social media, you should also visit other online bookies and check how they’re doing. If you notice something interesting, such as a competition or a cool bonus, think of a way of implementing it on your platform without copying it. You can always offer the same service on your site, but if some of your customers notice that it is available elsewhere, they probably won’t use your platform anymore.

Try to make sure that your website won’t crash because this will result in massive losses

One of the things that you have to do if you decide to operate your own online bookmaker is to make sure that the site won’t crash. Nostrabet fans who choose some of the top bookies know that their sites never crash because the people running them always have a backup plan if something happens. There is always the possibility of something bad happening, but if you take the needed precautions, you don’t have to worry about it.