Organise your workday to maximise performance when working from home

How to organise your workday to maximise your performance when working from home

Like with many other things in life, when it comes to making money in the business failing to prepare means you are preparing to fail. Scheduling your workday in a well-organised fashion should make you more productive and increase the amount you contribute at work in the eyes of your employer.


If you work for yourself or are an entrepreneur, it’s also essential to organise your workday properly to make sure you keep on track. To stay focussed and arrange your working day effectively when working for yourself, you should also set yourself goals and targets so you can monitor your performance and to give you some self-motivation and drive.

Here’s a guide to how you can organise your working day when working from home in a way that maximises your performance and gets results.

Create a work calendar and keep it up to date and filled in

Meetings can seem to come all at once at times much like buses and planning dates, times, and fitting in appointments at work can get very difficult.

To avoid becoming disorganised and missing important meetings and so on at work, getting a work calendar can be a great help. If you are currently interested in getting into Forex trading and are considering how to schedule your working days, we suggest having a look at RoboForex’s Forex Economic Calendar, a calendar for forex traders that provides you with up-to-date information regarding upcoming events in the financial industry. To be a successful forex trader and stay on the ball and in touch with all the latest key events and highlights in the financial industry, make sure you get your calendar organised.

Take breaks

To maximise your performance at work, taking breaks is essential. Your mind is not capable of concentrating fully for hours and hours on end. If you fail to take sufficient breaks, you will inevitably become distracted and your performance levels at work will dip as a result.

A one-hour lunch break is a great opportunity to have a snack and a little downtime doing whatever you enjoy and keeping your mind off work. Maybe you want to go for a short walk around the block? Why not walk the dog? Phone a friend? Play a video game? Just make sure that your mind is well-rested, and you come back to work after lunch feeling fully focussed, sharp, and ready to work.

Make sure you get plenty of physical exercise

Getting enough exercise is a crucial part of working from home efficiently and maximising your performance. So, make sure you stay fit and join a gym, play sport on weekends, go jogging or out for walks, whatever it takes to keep you fit and healthy. After all, exercise releases endorphins and makes humans happier by providing them with a sense of euphoria.

Talk to others if you start feeling down or unhappy

If when working from home you begin to feel a bit down, depressed, or unhappy, make sure you communicate your feelings to other people. Your employer or people close to you will definitely want to hear if you are feeling down and depressed. Staying in communication with people close to you can lift your spirits. Feeling depressed and not speaking with anyone can have a big impact on your working day.

Making sure you keep your working day structured, planned, and well-organised is key to maximising your performance and daily output when you are working from home