Protecting electrical equipment with the right packaging

Finding suitable packaging for storing, protecting and transporting any goods or equipment is essential and it is even more critical when the equipment is electrical.

Transporting or storing electrical equipment requires packaging protection from being and from vibration damage and atmospheric exposure.

electrical equipment needs packaging

Packaging must offer protection from damage from all situations and atmospheric elements that it will face before use, and the right protective packaging can protect electrical equipment in storage or transportation, resulting in less equipment failure or costly loss claims.

Electrical products require specific help

Many businesses understand the need to protect against dropping or impacts. However, a major cause of electrical equipment failure in storage or transport is more likely to come from moisture or vibrations, something that the right electronic packaging solutions can assist with.

Electronic equipment and components can be damaged by excessive humidity and temperature fluctuations or electrostatic discharge. Damage can include moisture build-up causing corrosion or static build-up and electrostatic discharge (ESD) when voltage potential builds up from vibrations during the packages’ movement. Even plastic parts within electrical equipment may rub to create electrostatic charges and cause ESD damage. Where humidity is not controlled within the packaging, this can accelerate corrosion and voltage potential.

Packaging needs to include large amounts of moisture-absorbing desiccant or expensive modified atmospheric warehousing and transport, which is almost impossible for any goods during shipping. It has also required intensive labour time to apply and clean off protective grease or coatings that had to be used to prolong protection. Transporting products through multiple climates or at sea can be especially difficult with wide temperature fluctuations and humidity changes. Storage or idle time can also mean multiple repacking is required.

Barrier foil packaging solutions for electrical equipment

Aluminium barrier foil is the ideal solution for protection against moisture and other atmospheric damage. Aluminium barrier foil is a flexible material that offers the lowest transmission rates to maintain safe residual oxygen and moistures levels within safe tolerances. Static dissipative laminates will reduce rates of electrostatic charge and safely disperse static build-up. The protective properties of the packaging lessen the need to control the environment in which the product is stored or transported, which reduces the need for expensive modified storage and a reduced amount of desiccant.

The length of time the product remains suitably protected is significantly lengthened, which removes the need to change packaging where a product is stored or transported for long periods. This packaging offers a one-time packaging solution even for extended durations, such as prolonged warehouse storage followed by long container shipment.

There are many companies that offer various grades of packaging, but it’s essential businesses get a supplier that offers a wide range tailored to the specific items you’re shipping, Reputable suppliers could offer solutions including military approved barrier and static dissipative laminates, to provide electronic packaging solutions widely throughout the electrical equipment and electronics industries. With military approval for many products, you can be sure they offer quality and reliability no matter the size or shape you require or how many you need.

Labour and cost efficiency

Standard or heavy-duty packaging in custom or off-the-shelf aluminium foil solutions are available to the electronic industry for the most efficient and effective solution. Replace the costly labour-intensive packaging solutions that have never fully offered the protection electrical equipment requires. They provide solutions to manage moisture and oxygen ingress, U.V. rays and many other corrosion causing elements and electrostatic discharge.

Choosing from the wide range of bag sizes and designs or creating a bespoke solution can be done speedily if you ensure you use a barrier bag specialist for the job. Choose a company with experience and knowledge of the electronics industry and offer industry-leading lead times to ensure you have what you need on time and ready to go when you are.

Aluminium barrier foil packaging also wins hands down on the human resources required to pack and seal items. Sealing times are reduced by at least 50% compared to sheets and blankets. Sealing is a one-person heat sealing operation, reducing labour costs. You will also remove some of the requirements for additional secondary packaging or the need to repackage to protect products for transport or extended storage.