How to get your kids education back on track after lockdown

We can all agree that it was the kids that took the lockdowns and shutdowns on the chin the best out of all of us.

While they were great with handling everything that happened, we can’t help but wonder how this will affect them in the long run. If you are worried about your kids and how it has affected their education, here are some ideas to help get them back on track.

kids education

Extra study

We know that kids still had school but we were the teachers. As parents, we want the best for our kids education and we are sure that many parents felt that our teaching skills were not up to it. Online Tuition for GCSE Students is a great way to ensure that your kids have not fallen behind with your own teaching methods. The great thing about using a tutor is that they will be focused and can spot any issues within a short period of time, rather than just sending them to their room to study and not get anywhere.

Get a routine

With being out of the school environment and having you at home all of the time, your kids might have gotten a little comfy and lazy about keeping a routine. We don’t blame them. There was something very satisfying about doing spreadsheets in fluffy slippers. However, now everyone is having to head back to work and school, it is important to get them back into a routine. This might mean waking up a bit earlier. It might mean getting out of the house for a walk and some fresh air. Whatever it is that you do, make it regular.

Be stress-free

If you are feeling a bit worried about your kids heading back to school, there is a good chance that your kids are nervous too. We don’t expect everyone to be happy about it, and a lot of people found working with their kids at the kitchen table very enjoyable. Getting back to school can be stressful at the best of times so have a talk to your kids and let them share their worries about their education. Sometimes all it takes is for them to voice their concerns and get them off their chests to help them feel better.

Open communications with the teachers

There will be a lot going on when the kids get back to school and there might be a lot of adjustments to be made. There may be times when your kids can’t go to school, there may be times you can’t leave the house. The important thing is to make sure that you are clear with your communications about where your kids are. If your kids are feeling stressed or not themselves, be sure to let the teachers know as they can provide some extra support during the school day.

Healthy eating

As a general rule, kids should have a healthy diet that has plenty of variety. When it comes to going back to school, this should be no different. Making sure that your kids are getting a healthy diet to help their bodies and brains grow is a vital part of parenting. When your kids eat well, they thrive. Make sure that the food choices that are available to them are the best that you can offer. But, make sure they enjoy the food that they are eating as this can be half the battle. If you can, make up their packed lunches with something fun with plenty of fresh fruit.


As part of the new routine, you should make sure that your kids are getting enough sleep. This can be a tough one if their routine has gone out the window but it is worth your while getting them into a good sleep routine before heading back to school. Tired kids can’t concentrate on their education and are grumpy. And if they are too tired, this will impact their learning. Getting a good sleep schedule back on track is a must.

Speak to their friends

For the last 18 months or so, there is a good chance that your kids have been alone or stuck with their siblings full time. They might feel a little nervous about seeing their friends again after such a long period of time. If you can, get them to chat with their friends on the phone or through the internet before they head back to school. There is a good chance that they have been doing this already if they have their own phone. However, if they don’t have a phone, you could let them use your phone for a quick minute to speak to their friends.

Go over their work

Before they head out the door to school, it is a good idea to go over all of the homeschooling that you have done with them. Not only will this help them remember what they have been studying with you, it gives you a chance to go over any subjects that they were struggling with. If there are any problem areas, you should bring this up with their teachers and maybe consider a tutor to help them get back up to speed. Going over the work can also help to jog your own memory and allow you the chance to bring the teachers up to speed with their progress, not just what they struggled with.

Free time

If they have managed to get back to school with no major issues, you might be tempted to get them to study at home. However, since they have been studying at home for over a year, now is the time to bring back the fun to home and allow them some downtime. They might not be able to get out to their after school clubs just yet so let them hang out in the house with some TV and games. Their brains need to switch off from the stress of getting back to school. Besides, if there is one group of people who have shown that they can cope, it is our kids.