Why everyone in your company needs super-fast internet

We are all living in the digital age. Everyone is connected via the internet, whether they like it or not.

It may be beneficial for people to disconnect from time to time, but we all have to go online in some way, there is not much of a choice. So, if we are online we need the best service. Super-fast internet is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. Only 4% of homes and businesses do not have access to super-fast internet, but only 60% have a super-fast connection as of 2020.

super-fast internet

Read on to discover why everyone needs super-fast internet for both our personal and professional lives.


In our personal lives, the most convenient form of entertainment is streaming. You no longer have to get up from the sofa to change your video cassette. You don’t have to rewind the tape after you have finished. Streaming allows us to push a button and instantly we have hours of entertainment at our fingertips.

Super-fast internet gives you access to hundreds of hours of entertainment. It also gives us access to hours of gaming. Online gaming is a huge, and growing, industry. You can activate a bet365 poker bonus code and spend your evenings playing poker with other eager gamers. You may not need super-fast internet to play, but it helps to have a reliable connection when you are engrossed in the game.

It is always a good idea to do your research first; a quick google of “internet providers in my area” should tell you your options and help you to find out which would be best suited to your needs. There is nothing worse than agreeing on a minimum term contract to find out down the line the provider is less than adequate.


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from super-fast broadband. It allows you to complete tasks faster and more efficiently, keeping you ahead of your competition.

If the last year has told us anything it is that employees can work from home, if needed. But they need fast, reliable internet to communicate with colleagues and clients alike. So, the need for super-fast internet is clear.

Communication is the foundation of good business. We have all been in a meeting on Zoom or Teams and all of a sudden the connection drops out with the person we are talking to. Then you may get a message saying ‘sorry my internet is rubbish’. When you finally get back on the call you have to start again, losing time and patience with the person on the other end.

Reliable internet does not eliminate every issue that being online causes, but it certainly helps.

Super-fast internet also helps when there are multiple users, using multiple devices at the same time. With a family of four, you could have both parents on video conference calls, one child playing video games and another chatting to friends. With low-speed broadband, it is inevitable that there will be an outage. Which can cause tension in personal and professional lives.

If you have employees working from home, you need to make sure that clients and customers are not affected by their slow internet. That is not necessarily by paying for super-fast fibre optic, but by giving the option of working in the office or renting some space closer to their homes.


Remote working is incredible for productivity and efficiency in most office environments. However, be aware that your employees may have some support so their personal and professional relationships are not strained. One part of that is to provide super-fast, reliable internet.