Best cleaning products for your London business

The UK’s cleaning industry is a major player in the country’s economy, contributing £55.5 billion annually. This data is backed up by the fact that most Brits are busy with day-to-day demands that it’s typically impossible for them to clean their home or office regularly.

Most cleaning services are situated in the capital of the country, London, where many rely on business and house cleaning services. If you’re wondering what cleaning products these services use so you can apply them to your business, keep reading below.

cleaning products

Products used for office cleaning services

A wide array of products is available in the market for your business’s specific needs. Here are some of the cleaning products recommended for office use:

  • Disinfectant sprays
  • Sink scrubbers
  • Glass cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Sponge mop
  • Dry mop
  • Garbage bags
  • Disposable gloves
  • Wood polish
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Floor cleaner solution
  • Paper towels
  • Hand wash
  • Broom and brushes
  • Dustpan
  • Multipurpose stain removers

Pick products based on their respective uses and remember that each is equally important for cleaning office premises. Depending on your office needs, you may also include additional products, but those mentioned above are the basic ones you’ll need for everyday use.

For more thorough cleaning, you can call professional cleaning services. But what should you expect from them?

What do office cleaning services include?

Before hiring a professional cleaning service for your office, check what their services include first to know what to look forward to after the cleanup. Here are some of the usual assistance you should anticipate:

  • Regular cleaning and wiping of office desktops, laptops, and keyboards
  • Unloading garbage bins and replacing them with new garbage bags
  • Cleaning of cafeterias and canteens
  • Cleaning kitchen areas
  • Mopping and dusting of the office floor
  • Sanitizing doorknobs, handles, chairs, etc.
  • Applying disinfectants in lavatories
  • Removing cobwebs and dust from under the desks and workstations
  • Cleaning and disinfecting conference rooms, common rooms

Additional tips for a clean and safe office

If your office space needs special cleaning arrangements such as deep carpet, upholstery cleaning, or even air duct cleaning, check if the professional cleaning service has an offer that includes it and select that package. If not, ask how much the special cleaning will cost first to incorporate it into your budget.

Also, owing to the current situation, pay extra attention to places where many people tend to linger. For example, the reception area should always have a hand sanitiser and must always be cleaned every time a visitor leaves. Other devices such as phones and keyboards should also be wiped with antibacterial solutions each time employees change shifts.

This helps to lower the chances of transmission and also helps to maintain good hygiene. It’s also advisable to sanitize the entire office floor once every week to help break the chain of virus transmission.

Why it’s necessary to keep the office clean

Aside from the obvious reasons why cleaning is important, such as decreasing the chances of employees and clients acquiring illnesses, the following are other important reasons to keep the office clean:

  • Sends a professional message – Employees who work in a clean environment are energized, while clients and guests who walk into the office will be encouraged to stay and cooperate. A sanitary station allows for a professional environment that’ll create a positive image of the business.
  • Prevents contamination – A clean office is always free from pests and insects. As a result, any risks related to contamination or food poisoning are nullified. An unclean office provides a vacuum for the transmission of contagious diseases. Diseases like flu, common cold, etc., are commonly passed around in such offices.
  • Allows a stress-free environment – Unhygienic conditions cause a huge amount of stress for the employees, indirectly affecting work quality. Clutter distracts employees and snatches their focus away from their tasks. It’s actually connected to anxiety and depression as well.
  • Increases productivity – Did you know that a clean and well-maintained office has a lot to do with a company’s productivity? A clean working environment enables the employees to concentrate on their work and take fewer sick leaves.
  • Wards off allergies – An unclean environment will trigger employees’ and visitors’ allergies and other diseases such as asthma. To avoid this mishap, offices need to be polished and cleaned regularly.


In the last two years, we’ve learned the importance of keeping our spaces hygienic. While it has always been important, the public certainly picked up new healthy habits. Getting the right cleaning products and hiring professional cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of your office is vital for your business’ success. Its effects spill over to everyone connected to the company – the employees, clients, and guests and pose positive results if done correctly.