Increasing employee productivity in the workplace

Techniques on improving employee productivity

Unproductive employees can seriously hinder your business. If your company s suffering from a poor work ethic or an unmotivated employee, then it is worth investing in training to help increase their productivity.

employee productivity working at table

It’s not entirely the employee’s fault. If work feels meaningless or if they feel unrewarded, then motivation will slip. Research techniques and methods that can help increase productivity and drive results.

Value their work to improve self-esteem

One of the simplest ways to increase work ethic is to show appreciation and respect for a job well done. It may be work that they are getting paid to do but showing them that you value it can really help with self-esteem.

Depending on the employee, you may want to give a public display of acknowledgement or give them a quiet word to one side. Keeping their behaviour and preferences in mind will show that you value them as well.

Incentives to increase employee productivity

Incentives can go a long way to improve morale. If they get a certain amount of products through a production line or make a new record in sales. Or if it’s completing milestones for a website they work on, like bitcoin code. If employees perform well, they deserve to be rewarded in some fashion.

An incentive can be anything of your choosing. Some employers choose monetary rewards but choose whatever is best for you. If employees know there are incentives, they will have increased productivity. It helps with employee morale and work ethic, so definitely consider adding incentives to your business.

Focus on what’s important

We all want to feel like the work we do matters and influences the business. Some tasks can feel valueless, let alone repetitive and mundane. If your business has some tasks which hold no value, it might be worth getting rid of them. If a task is not conducive to your company, then stopping it would be the best option. Tasks should increase, or lead to an impact on sales, safety, quality, or efficiency.

Making sure that employees only do work that is important to the business will help with productivity. It will also benefit work ethic as employees will feel more accomplished.

Create a work schedule with expectations

A work schedule helps with productivity and shows a good work ethic. Sending an employee a task to work on shows trust and appreciation that they can get the work done. Sending them unrelated work while they are working on something else and asking them to complete it at the same time, shows disorganisation.

Every task requires 100% of focus from the worker. If you set too much work in one go you may deter the employee. Leading to them not completing work and becoming stressed out. Every task should be a primary focus, anything else can take focus after completion. You need to set your expectations and let the employee know what is expected. Keep it realistic and with a clear goal and everyone will benefit.

Employees are paid to do this work, but that doesn’t mean their efforts should go unnoticed. Letting them know they are valued and respected can increase productivity and lead to a stronger work ethic.