Office waste clearance in London – Do’s & don’ts

Office waste clearance in London – Do’s & don’ts

The offices are as good as our second home. And it comes as a rule or a habit that we do keep our offices clean. A clean workspace clear of office waste is a great motivator for the employee.

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Apart from cleanliness, it also makes your work area presentable and gives an excellent impression of your work ethic and how you are as a person. New clients visiting you for the first time will be impressed to see your workplace neat and tidy.

No matter how big or small an office is, it is mandatory to keep it clean and presentable for you to work in peace as well as for others to keep coming back to you for their work.

To keep your place free of clutter and get rid of office waste, you need to check out this list of the Do’s and don’ts that will help you breeze through this very important task.

Some steps worth following to get rid of office waste

1. Plan in advance

Ask yourself these questions before starting any kind of clearing at your office.

  • Will you or your team be able to complete the cleaning task in time?
  • Do you need outside help to clear up your space?
  • How much time is required to complete cleaning your workplace in and out?
  • Do you need to clean after working hours or during working hours?
  • What kind of tools will be required?

The answers to these questions will be enough for you to grasp the idea of cleaning your office.

2. Keep only what you need

You do not need everything at your office. It is your second home but not your real home. Keep things that you think are extremely necessary and throw away the rest that has not been used for a long time now.

3. Think about office recycling solutions

The best thing you can do for your office waste is to recycle it. You can come up with your DIY ideas but an easier way is available too. just install a separate dustbin for throwing all the stuff that can be recycled and once filled, hand it over to the concerned authorities and they will do the needful.

4. Take care of all the electrical waste

Electrical garbage should not be disposed of in the regular dustbins at any cost. For this the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), a government directive has come into action since 2002 and it deals specifically with electrical waste. Dispose of your electronics safely according to their guidelines.

5. Make a place for everything

Every object needs a home and its place. If it does not serve any purpose, it should not be there. Take care of the aim of your belongings and either keep them or throw it.


These tips will help you clear your clutter and make enough space for you to work in peace with all the necessary objects you need, and keep it presentable too. Also, you can hire a professional office clearance company like Quick Wasters in London and get the job done smoothly.