Make your bedroom the perfect place to relax

After a hard day’s work, you deserve a stylish and comfortable bedroom to sleep in. Check out these expert-approved ideas to make your bedroom the perfect place to relax.

perfect bedroom to relax

Install soft lighting

Installing the right lighting fixtures is essential not only to make your room a comfortable place to rest at night, but also for other activities like cleaning, working, and getting ready for the day.

When choosing lighting fixtures for your bedroom, light colour plays a very important role.

Choose an LED light bulb with a soft white glow. It isn’t too bright nor too dark, just right to help you relax and prepare for sleep.

Proper lighting dimmers are also important. If there’s only one source of bright light, it’s hard to transition into a relaxed sleep mode.

Dimmer lights are also essential when layering your bedroom lighting. They make any room stylish by adding an extra dimension. Plus, they are inherently multifunctional and can accommodate multiple lighting needs.

Aside from the colour, you want to pay attention to brightness too. It’s important to consider the type of bulb to use for the fixture. Lighting intensity and colour can affect the way you function. Intense brightness can keep you awake, so it isn’t ideal for your bedroom.

Soft colour scheme

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary. Thus, you want it to be very relaxing.

It’s best to choose a soft and soothing colour palette for your bedroom. Here are some brilliant colour combinations for the perfect bedroom to relax:

Browns, blues, and whites

Dark wood floors pair beautifully with an abundance of whites. Together these colours are extremely soothing. Meanwhile, a blue mattress or linen is a pretty way to add a pop of colour.

Cool creams

This colour palette creates relaxation, tranquillity, and luxury. You can use fresh, white linens for a hotel-like bedroom that feels so dreamy and posh.

Blues and greys

This colour combo gives your bedroom a smooth, laid-back feel. Lighter greys and whites will pop against the darker blue shades.

Soft whites, pinks, and greys

Soft pinks are a favourite colour in bedrooms because they create a relaxing vibe. Paired with a few neutrals, pink is an easy way to add femininity to a bedroom.

Keep pillow cases fresh

Nothing feels better than fresh linens and pillowcases. This tip is especially helpful if you have allergies.

A fresh pillowcase is easy to pop on, so you could change it every three or six days. Changing your pillowcase more frequently is a quick and easy way to freshen your bed and make your bedroom perfect for sleeping and relaxing.

Add some rugs for comfort

To make your bedroom look extra cosy, add some modern carpets. From Chinese art deco styles to elegant florals, there are so many chic bedroom rug designs that can add a statement to your bedroom.

Here are some ideas when designing your bedroom with rugs:

  • Choose light and airy rugs in varying neutral shades. Tie it into your throw pillow and blanket.
  • A shag rug is a classic and cosy addition to a bedroom. Consider a patterned version to keep it from feeling too retro.
  • If you have a white bedroom, you can add a little more character by using jewel-toned rugs or those with dark, rich colours and different patterns.
  • If you’ve got a lot of colour in your bedroom, you can go all out with an equally bold rug. Just choose neutral colours so it doesn’t clash with the other decor in your room.

Prep your bedside table

A bedside table is an important piece in your bedroom.

However, you want to reserve it for items that are essential for sleep and relaxation, such as the books you read before you sleep, aroma diffusers, a bedside lamp, alarm clock, etc.

The bedside table is also a sacred space reserved for personal items and trinkets that help you relax and sleep.

Get rid of clutter

There are several reasons why you want to keep your bedroom clean.

First of all, a clean room keeps your stress away. It’s no secret that when your bedroom is messy, your thoughts are probably cluttered as well.

Clean your room regularly. Make your bed each morning. Aside from keeping your bedroom look organized, making your bed can instil a sense of accomplishment and creates feelings of positivity.

Don’t forget to wash your sheets to get rid of dust mites and bugs in your bed.

A better bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom.

You’d be spending a lot of time in your bed, roughly 1/3 of your life. That said, you want to invest in a good-quality bed that will provide you with the utmost comfort.

Beds come in different styles and sizes. When choosing a bed, make sure that it supports your needs. Think about the size of your room.

If it’s too small, a massive bed isn’t a good choice. Make sure it looks good too. You want your bed to add character to your room so a stylish headboard is a must.

Final words

Creating the perfect comfortable bedroom you can relax in is just a few steps away. Hope these ideas have inspired you to transform your room into a beautiful and soothing place.