Marketing knowledge gaps every startup struggles with

What are marketing knowledge gaps and should you be worried about them?

While every business is unique, they all face similar problems. You might have a fantastic idea for a startup, but you are unlikely to know everything. One of these knowledge gaps is in marketing.

marketing knowledge gaps

Marketing as a knowledge gap is common for many business owners. It can appear to be a ‘dark art’ and grabbing the attention of customers and clients can make or break your business.

Investing in marketing can be a leap of faith. If you have lack knowledge in that area it can appear almost unfathomable to spend your budget in that area.

It is like when you open an account at You may not be considered to be a trading expert, but you need to do your research and the leap into the unknown is less daunting.

There are two ways to fill this marketing knowledge gap:

  • Hire an expert in-house.
  • Outsource to an agency.

Both need a certain level of insight into marketing. This is why we have put together this article.

Read on to discover the marketing knowledge gaps you may have and what you can do to close that gap.

Online marketing

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you should know that the internet is a big deal these days. Therefore your online presence is incredibly important to your business.

If you find offline marketing hard to grasp, then the knowledge gap for online marketing will be even greater.

You need to keep an eye on everything online. Whether that is ensuring that your own website is up to scratch, your social media channels are thriving, or what other websites are saying about your business.

Ask yourself, is your website bringing you any business? Are you receiving enquiries through social media? Why, or why not?

Understanding where and where you are not getting sales can give you some idea of where you need to direct your attention.

An option many businesses take is to hire a digital agency. They should understand online marketing in a way that will plug that gap. They will be able to tell you where you are going wrong, in a simple way.

Marketing knowledge gaps in your team

There are two ways to solve marketing knowledge gaps in your team. First, you can hire a marketing specialist. Second, you can offer training to your team.

Even if you are considering outsourcing to an agency this would be a good idea.

Hiring a marketing specialist

Recruitment can be a long and arduous process. You may never find the perfect candidate and feel that you are settling for the best you can find.

Hiring in-house is more difficult when you have little knowledge of the role you are hiring for. Your lack of expertise in an area like marketing could lead to employing the best interviewee rather than the best person for your business.

The key aspect of hiring a marketing specialist is to be patient. Eventually, you will find the perfect candidate, but it may take time.

Team training

Personal development is what retains employees. Developing their knowledge in an area like marketing is likely to increase their employability and increase their value to your business.

Using an agency to improve the knowledge in your own team creates a more effective line of communication between the agency and your company. Furthermore, training in new techniques and marketing strategies shows you that the agency is staying in front of the marketing trends.


When you seek to fill gaps in your marketing knowledge you may be overwhelmed at first. If your competitors are creating opportunities through marketing, do not be put off. If they can do it, so can you. It just takes training, hiring the right people, or the right agency and they will soon be looking at your marketing campaigns with green eyes.