Affording a dream holiday: Make it happen in the next few months

Affording a dream holiday: how you can make it happen in the next few months

To have a dream holiday, you will need to have money to afford it. Of course, there will be budget options that you can consider to maximise your enjoyment, but there is also saving techniques and money-making schemes to afford more luxurious trips.

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Finding your ideal holiday

The first thing to think about for affording a holiday is where you want to go. If you want to have a budget holiday, then you can look at a range of different locations. Even if you want to go somewhere that is traditionally more expensive, then it may be worth your time to look further out than you traditionally would. Even the outskirts of Paris will be cheaper than the city centre, and there will be lots of transport links to get you there in minutes.

Flights can be the most costly

It will benefit you to know that oftentimes, the most expensive thing to do with your holiday is the transport. If you dream of going to places such as Bali, then the plane will certainly be one of the most expensive expenses.

However, once you arrive, getting around the islands will be much cheaper, and the hotels are also much cheaper. The cost of living is lowered meaning that you can get more for your pound.

Consider borrowing money

To afford a holiday, you will of course need to have money. Another option to get this money could come from borrowing money. This could be through asking your parents, friends or anyone in your life that could spot you. When you make arrangements like this, you must make promises of returning the money that you can keep, otherwise you run the risk of alienating the people in your life.

There will also be professional organisations that you can work with to arrange other financial means, that come in a few different shapes and sizes. Some holiday providers will also offer a credit deal, where you can pay off a holiday over a few months. This could be in the run-up to the holiday, during it and even after.

There will also be businesses which lend you the money in the short term to afford expenses such as holiday, that you can then start paying off a holiday for. You will of course need to pay this money back; in an agreement, you’ll make with your lender before you go into a deal.

Alternatively, you may be best off working with a broker. A Broker will work with you to lend you money from a variety of providers, giving you the best deal possible. That’s why it will be important for you to work with a broker with a solid reputation. Payday UK is one such organisation that can provide you with a few hundred pounds that could arrive the same day as your application. This will allow you to afford your holiday, and repay it after you’ve been paid once or twice.

Use a planner or journal

Some people find that the best way to plan and save for a holiday is to follow a guide that they plan themselves. This is why they use a planner or even a journal for every little step. The main purpose may be for knowing what to pack, or for what to do when you arrive at the destination.

In other cases, you may find a place to journal about your expenses. This could be for budgeting your money, or how to save towards a goal. A savings goal gives you an idea of how much you need to save for something, and what you could be doing to make that a reality.

Some people find all sorts of advantages to journaling for a holiday, so it may be worth your time to explore it. The worst case will be that it’s simply not for you, and you haven’t lost out on anything.

Take odd jobs and work extra shifts

If you are looking to raise more funds for a holiday, then you can’t go wrong by taking on some extra work. This is a money-making technique for holidays that people have used for several years to build funds. If you work somewhere that is shift based, then you will be able to hopefully opt for more shifts to build money.

This could be money you want for when you’re on holiday, or to afford the holiday in general. If you are someone who works to their terms or is freelance, then it may benefit you to try and pick up more work to afford a holiday.

You mustn’t overwork yourself, however, as you may find yourself struggling with mental health issues or even your physical health. The price for a holiday will not be worth your health, and you should speak to medical professionals or even your employers if it’s becoming an issue.

Utilise holiday pay

Speaking of employers, it will be in your interest to find out how much holiday entitlement is offered by your organisation. You may not be aware, but in the UK, it is a legal requirement for employers to provide you with holiday pay. Almost all workers will be legally entitled to around 5.6 weeks of paid holiday each year.

This may also be known as statutory leave entitlement, or simply annual leave. All types of workers will qualify from agency workers to those on zero-hour contracts. As you can imagine, the perfect time to use this holiday pay is during your dream holiday, as it means you will be paid like normal throughout your dream holiday, so you won’t lose out. This can be more difficult if you are freelance or own your own business, so it’s best to research this online.

Open a savings account

If you weren’t sure, a savings account is less flexible than a traditional current account but gives you more bonuses towards saving. That’s because they will limit withdrawals and build interest towards a goal, that prevents you from running into overdraft or taking from the pot early.

It may benefit you to work out the total cost of not just transportation and hotel, but how much you want to spend each day. Once you input this into your savings goal and your account, you will find it easier to save.

Spend less in the run up

Of course, the less you spend in the run-up to your dream holiday, then the more money you will have to spend during the holiday. Whilst it may be a good idea to be frugal when on holiday to save money, you are there as a treat at the end of the day and will want money to spend.

One way in which you can spend less money is by looking for more bargains when shopping. This could be to shop in discount stores such as Lidl and Aldi, which can often offer the same products but cheaper, or taking advantage of promotional materials. There will be a range of things you can do to save money, from cutting down on going out, to not buying that daily cup of coffee, and instead opting for a home-based coffee.