How can a van help with finding work?

How can a van help with finding work?

A van is a vehicle with many uses. Being able to drive and have a form of transport can really open up career opportunities for you. If you have one being unused in your garage, you should consider taking it out and using it to its fullest. A van can help you along, and maybe even help you find work.

van work

Some jobs nowadays are completely online, such as running an online business such as crypto engines. In this case, a van may not come in much use. With so many positions moving online, and remote working, there are actually more positions appearing for drivers, and having a van can be a huge benefit.

They don’t have to be in perfect condition to be of use to your career prospects. There are many jobs out there that require a van. So, if you have a van and are interested in this kind of work, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you.

Courier and delivery

We all get deliveries nowadays, whether it is from Amazon, Deliveroo, or a shopping delivery, the convenience is apparent. You could set up a small courier service, offering your services to local businesses. Small brick-and-mortar businesses may not be able to deliver, but if you could deliver for them, it could be a benefit for both you and the business you are assisting. With so many places reopening now, it’s a great time to consider being a courier.

Become a gardener or handyman

With so many supplies and tools, gardeners need the space to transport everything. If you have a green thumb and a love for the outdoors, maybe gardening is for you. A van would be perfect for transporting everything you need around, from plants to tools. To start up a landscaping business, a van is the first step in the right direction.

Similarly, if you want to be a handyman, doing odd jobs for people around town. A van is integral for transport. Working in construction of any kind requires a lot of storage.

Hiring your van out

Maybe you aren’t actually interested in working with your van and putting it to use. That’s all well and good, you could consider selling your van. However, as long as your van is up to the right standards, you could hire it out to people. If people can’t afford or reach the more popular van hiring services, you can offer an alternative. You should only do this if you can trust who you are hiring it out to, or if you can ensure some level of security.

Hospitality and catering

Do you have a love for food? Maybe your area is lacking a certain type of food you have experience with? Starting out in the hospitality business can be difficult, but having delivery and something special can set you out among the crowd. You can start out small, maybe as a side business, and in future, you could develop it even more. Design your van with a unique look to get peoples attention. You could specialise in a niche area or go with something people can’t get enough of, like cakes.


If you love to paint and can show it, then starting off a career as a decorator or painter may be a long, but fruitful career path. A van will be a great start. Start small in your local area and work your way up, and any good job done would be sure to get the attention of others through word of mouth.