Finding a Heathrow testing centre made easy

Finding a Heathrow testing centre made easy

Today I’m going to share with you my experience based on finding a Heathrow testing centre and how my testing experience fared once I located the centre. Finding a testing centre around London can be difficult due to the issues with demand and supply for covid testing, but thankfully my experience was far more positive than I had expected.

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Why I needed a test quickly

Whether you’re going on a long haul flight or a short jaunt over to another country, the travel regulations and restrictions around the world have now changed. This means that, if you are travelling from Heathrow airport or any other UK airport, you need to undertake a number of coronavirus tests in order to ensure that you are not carrying the virus.  

I needed a test particularly quickly as I had booked my flights at short notice and did not have any testing centres local enough to me that I could visit prior to heading to the airport. However, thankfully there was a rapid testing centre located at the airport itself, this made the testing process significantly easier and meant I could receive my results faster than I would have If I had used a different testing site. 

Finding my test

Surprisingly finding a Heathrow testing centre was actually probably one of the easiest parts of the process. There were plenty of testing facilities and options online to prebook. I chose to opt for Randox’s testing centre based at Heathrow airport thanks to its ease of access as well as wide availability for the dates that I was flying to and from the airport. 

I booked my test online in advance and had virtually no problem finding the conveniently located testing centre within the airport. There were plenty of signs throughout the airport as well as helpful staff and information points. All of these helpful indicators combined ensured I reached the testing centre well on time before my flight was due to depart. 

My thoughts on the experience

Finding a Heathrow test centre wasn’t as nearly as stressful or as much of a hassle as I thought it might be. Planning this process in advance and choosing a reputable testing company made my travelling experience much simpler and safer. If you are in a similar situation I really would recommend booking online or alternatively using the drop-in option at the Heathrow airport test centre operated by Randox. 

As well as being to arrange, the tests I had to undertake were actually also very affordable. Being able to source affordable tests which can be conducted quickly really did give me peace of mind when travelling. I had heard stories about testing centre queues for hours as well as inflated prices for travellers from other companies. However, thankfully I appeared to manage to avoid all of these issues by booking online in advance.

Preparing for the airport

If you are planning on travelling to the airport anytime soon, be sure to work through a checklist before choosing to travel. There are a number of different considerations that you need to keep in mind before you travel. One of the main things to plan for is delays. Delays in many cases are almost inevitable, planning ahead means that you can easily plan around these sorts of events so that you don’t miss your flight. 

Something else that you should consider when you are going to the airport is a facemask. Facemasks are currently mandatory at airports and a number of other transit hubs. So, now might be the time to buy a reusable mask. These masks can be used more than once and can normally be washed in a washing machine. It’ll also help you save money on purchasing multiple disposable masks at a time. Finding a London Heathrow testing centre is fairly simply providing that you research in advance and use online resources where possible to do so. 

So long as you leave yourself time to prepare, and research some of your testing options online, you can also enjoy a simple and low hassle travel experience.