What collaborations could I do with influencers in 2021?

What collaborations could I do with influencers in 2021?

Today’s market requires a flexible and dynamic method of marketing. With so many people out there and so many avenues to reach them, you must discover a method to ensure that the visitors to your website are interested in your company and its products. One way to do this is to contact influencers.


Influencer marketing is the route towards achieving that equilibrium. The market is predicted to be worth $13.8 billion by 2021’s end and if you’ve not done it before, now’s the perfect time to start. In this article, we’ll discuss four types of brand collaborations that you can conduct in conjunction with social media influencers this year.

Seeding products or gifting

This approach involves offering influential people your products for no cost. When you allow an influencer to try your product, you’ll advertise your brand through social media channels without any financial compensation.

The danger is that the influencer may not promote your product, or even post an unfavourable review. To minimize this risk, establish a connection with the influencer beforehand. Make sure they know about your brand’s identity, and request which variant of your item they’d prefer to receive the most, and then follow up to ensure that they get it.

Another option to limit negative publicity is to set the terms of an influencer deal with a set kind of content and quantity. This guarantees that in exchange for free products the influencer will create the content you require.

Micro and nano influencers (under 50K followers) are often willing to accept these partnerships. However, if you are working with influencers of the medium upwards (5oK or more followers) expect to offer the influencers monetary compensation in addition to the gifted products.


If you’d like a more formal and overt arrangement, think about the possibility of sponsoring content from an influencer. This kind of collaboration is more direct regarding the reality that the company is paying the influencer in a way to help promote the brand.

Sponsorship can result in your company being featured on their posts, or through the usage of the “paid collaboration” option on Instagram. Or, TikTok creators or YouTubers might begin their videos by saying that they’re sponsored by your company.

The compensation here is contingent upon the nature of the sponsorship. Be aware that every kind of content comes with the cost of a particular type. For instance, an Instagram story is generally more expensive than a photo since stories are removed after 24 hours. And a 20-second TikTok video will cost less than a video on YouTube that lasts 20 minutes.

TikTok creator Charli D’Amelio frequently posts videos featuring the products of Morphe Brushes.


It’s daunting to transfer the responsibilities of your social accounts to someone who is not part of your team. However, influencer takeovers are the perfect way to drive fresh traffic to your profiles or site.

Takeovers are when influencers share their content directly from your account. You could gain followers from different niches as well as create original and genuine content that is different from what your company usually posts.

In order to set up a takeover, ensure you follow these steps:

  • Make a time limit for the takeover and make sure that the influencer knows when they are expected to share their posts.
  • Review any brand principles and values to ensure that the influencer’s content is brand safe
  • Create a contract or other written arrangement in the event that there is a problem later on

If you do not want to divulge your social profiles you can ask influencers to show you their content prior to sharing it. But if you do this, make sure that you don’t micromanage them; giving the influencers freedom to express their ideas (while remaining brand-safe) will result in the most authentic content.

A plant influencer takeover of the brand Bloomscape.

Engaging a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador can be an example of a long-term partnership that can result in excellent outcomes. When it comes to this type of collaboration, it’s crucial to select someone with whom you’ve had a positive first encounter with.

Perhaps they participated in another type of collaboration with you and had amazing results. Perhaps their relationship with them goes well and their communication is excellent. In order for an influencer to become an ambassador for your brand, you must trust them.

Brand ambassadors help establish a lasting relationship with your company and their followers, who see posts featuring your brand’s name on a regular basis.

These partnerships require contracts with longer periods. It is also essential to be more attentive to the metrics that relate to ambassadors’ posts and keep collecting results and analyze them as the relationship develops.

Sierra Schultzzie is a long-term brand spokesperson for Fabletics.


Consider experimenting with one or several of these partnerships to enhance your business’s online marketing. It’s crucial to keep these a few points in your mind:

  1. Spend the time to study influencers and their communities to ensure they are aligned with your company’s objectives and principles.
  2. Guidelines, contracts and expectations must be clearly stated from the beginning in order to avoid confusion later.
  3. Keep track of your progress and metrics to determine which kind of collaborations and influencers best fit your brand.

With this information in mind, you’ve got solid foundations to build on as you enter the expanding and thriving industry of collaborations with influencers.