How to promote your small business to a larger audience

How to promote your small business to a larger audience

During the lockdown, many people in the UK took the plunge and set up a small business. There are many benefits to running a small business, from flexibility, improved work-life balance and if you don’t have to hire an office space, your overheads will be fairly low.

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However, one disadvantage to running a smaller business is it can be harder to gain the same attention and visibility larger companies achieve. Independent companies are much less likely to be household names, meaning you won’t be the first business to come to mind when someone wants the products or services you offer.

Here, we look at different tactics for promoting your small business to a wider audience.

Implement SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an extremely useful tool for gaining a wider audience, especially for a small business. Strong SEO can improve how your brand ranks for keywords related to your products and services, which will give your business better visibility and help you stand out from competitors. Good SEO can also improve the UX (user experience) of your customers and potential customers, which may result in more sales and a higher income for your business.

Use PPC advertising

Taking advantage of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will increase the visibility of your business and make it easier to reach your target market. PPC allows you to select a specific demographic to aim your adverts at, by tailoring your campaign so that your advert is only shown to users who have searched for a specific keyword or phrase which is relevant to your products or service.


Promotional events allow you to expand the reach of your small business. You can gain exposure to potential customers who you may not have previously been able to access, and if these potential buyers are intrigued or impressed by your business, they’re likely to tell others and spread the word about your brand.

A common misconception is that promotional events must be held in-person to be effective. This is not the case at all. When run well, virtual events can be just as beneficial in raising awareness of a brand and its products. A virtual event platform is the best way to run an event with a significant number of people, and you’ll save a hefty amount on the cost of hiring a venue and providing catering for your guests. Delegates can simply join the event online using a virtual event app.

Social media

Small businesses should seize the opportunity to gain visibility via social media platforms, particularly those which are popular among their target audience. For example, if your products are aimed at millennials, you should have a strong social presence on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Putting out content that is both engaging and relevant to your business will increase your audience reach and enable you to build a following of loyal fans, many of whom will become customers.