Tips on how to market your skip rental company

Here are nine tips on marketing your skip rental company, effectively.

It is sometimes difficult for a skip rental company to be seen as anything more than another business. With so many companies constantly advertising and marketing themselves, it can be challenging to set your business apart from the rest of them.

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However, with some campaigns and adverts that are worth taking a second look at, you may find yourself increasing the number of inquiries you receive and helping your business run a little more smoothly.

Here are some hints on how all skip rental companies can market themselves better.

1. Freephone number on all advertising material

An obvious one at first glance, but having a freephone number on your company’s advertisement material is the most critical marketing technique and the most effective. This means that customers can get in touch with you without worrying about any extra costs on their end.

And the feeling like they have to give up too much information on your company’s competitors before they even speak to you. Freephone numbers are free to set up nowadays, so there is no reason not to have one on every advert that you produce.

2. Free trials for your customers

Often, a customer is unsure whether or not they will need a skip for their upcoming project. They may know roughly how long the job will take them but be unsure of whether it will require more than just a few skips here and there.

Offering customers to rent a skip at a discounted price for an initial trial period can help your customer see how much they are likely to need and lets you gain valuable insight into how your client is working.

3. Offer bulk deals for the larger projects

If you have many customers joining together for one project, it may be worth considering negotiating deals with them to share your skips. This should mean that the more information customers have about searching for or hiring skips, the more likely you are of being contacted by somebody asking for your services.

Providing precise contact details on every marketing material to get skips quickly will be needed overall, decreasing the total rental amount required. It also gives you more exposure as a company, as every person involved in the project will know where their nearest skip is positioned.

4. Promote your services at an event nearby

If you plan to host any events or are near enough to an event that may interest your target audience, it is worth considering paying for a stand at the event. As well as gaining brand exposure to those who are not already aware of the services you provide.

This is also an excellent chance for people who have just started a project and require some skips right away. It means that your business will appear in front of these potential customers more than once, and they may choose you over your competitors next time around too.

5. Promote your services on social media

Social media marketing can be highly cost-effective if done correctly. However, it does take a lot of time and effort, so only consider doing this if you are an already established company with some employees who can dedicate part of their time to it.

Social media management is not something people want to pay for, so it needs to be done correctly to ensure that your business appears on their feeds.

6. Offer free services to loyal customers

According to skip rental managing director Simon Weller, one of the most efficient ways to encourage new customers into contacting you is by offering them some free services if they refer somebody new who becomes a customer of yours.

This means that every person they refer has another reason to go with you, as they will know that they can get something out of this deal too.

7. Provide clear contact details on all marketing material

Making sure that all of your advertisements have a quality phone number and email address printed on them is something that you need to keep consistent to allow customers the chance to get in touch with your company whenever they wish quickly.

It would help if you did this for all of your advertising material and any added extras like posters or leaflets that you may use.

8. Ask for reviews on social media

Getting reviews from satisfied customers can be an easy way to get even more people interested in hiring your skips. This helps your business become more trustworthy and has the potential to go viral if enough people share it and make positive remarks about the service you provide.

However, these testimonials must be kept fair and balanced; nobody wants to feel like they are being pushed into giving a good review.

9. Create a frequent customer scheme

This is a great way to retain past and present customers and draw in new business simultaneously. By rewarding your loyal customers with something like a discount or free skip for their next order, you can guarantee that they will come straight back to your company when they need more skips in the future too.

However, it is essential to ensure that these rewards are not handed out freely; if you give them to everybody, there will be no reason to stay loyal.

Rewards vouchers are a great way to build customer loyalty. Continue offering special discounts and promotions if your customers refer you to other potential customers. Encourage past customers to provide reviews of your business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google by rewarding them with something free once they have done so.

Make it easy for customers to contact you by having your details printed on all marketing materials. Offer free services to loyal customers Create a frequent customer scheme.

A skip rental company can be a great business to get into because it’s so time-sensitive. However, it also means that if you’re not getting new customers on an ongoing basis, your skip will quickly fill up and become useless. We’ve provided some great tips for marketing your skip rental company to avoid this problem entirely.

Now, all you have to do is go out there and put them into action.