Top 10 advantages of Facebook marketing for your business

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook is one of the most common marketing platforms from a global perspective. As it continues to its active members—currently, it has more than 2.7 billion active members, and it has also diversified its ad network to accommodate a wide variety of businesses.

Facebook marketing

While many of the advantages of Facebook advertising are clear, paid advertising is not without its complications. As such, before learning how Facebook can help you reach new audiences, you must first understand what this social media behemoth offers and how it designed its paid ad network to provide its advertising possibilities.

Here are some notes to assist you in understanding Facebook’s advertising and marketing features that you can use to your business’s advantage.

Facebook has ads tailored to your exact business objectives

As a marketer, you can select from various “advertising objectives” that align with your company’s aims. This is ideal if you want to prioritize specific ad results. According to HVAC Grow, an internet marketing and SEO professional, you can tailor your adverts to drive more post interaction or engagement, increase your site’s traffic, and generate leads.

Indeed, one of the advantages of Facebook ads for your company is that you may set up “Ad Objectives” for increased brand awareness, brand engagement, or simple conversions!

You can set specific advertising for:

  • Boosted post ads to increase interaction or promote high-value content.
  • Facebook page promotions are aimed at increasing the number of individuals who like and interact with your company’s Facebook page.
  • Ads on websites seeking referral traffic.
  • Promotions with a call to action. People will be able to engage with you using a personalized button that’s tailored to your objectives.

Additionally, Facebook’s ad platform allows you to focus on larger business marketing objectives such as lead generation, sales, and increased exposure.

Facebook provides you access to an extremely large audience

The Facebook advertisements platform provides access to one of the largest digital ad networks in the world, with over 2.7 billion daily users.  Further, since acquiring Instagram in 2012, it has expanded its marketing network to increase accessibility to both sites. Their ad network spans both sites, allowing you to have their advertisements appear on both with minimum additional setup. Your business can profit from Facebook advertising because it lets you access an audience you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

It’s important to note that 78% of American consumers say they learned about things they purchased on Facebook, and 60% claim they know about new products on Instagram!

It provides access to extensive and robust data

The Ads Manager on Facebook can provide you with a wide range of aggregate statistics and performance insights. You can use their ad tools to track each ad you produce.

In essence, admeasurement provides statistics on the performance of ads, including ad demographics, multi-channel data evaluations, and harmful advertising data (in which Facebook allows you to see where your ads appear). These benefits are as follows:

  • Ads Manager’s breakdowns can allow you to examine information like your audience’s age, gender, geography, device, and more.
  • Attribution reports can assist you in identifying the most critical marketing funnel touchpoints.
  • You can also use split-testing and ad comparisons to fine-tune campaigns.

Almost all firms and entrepreneurs can use Facebook advertising. And the whole ad system is built within Facebook; all you need is a Facebook page or a role called “advertisers” on your current carrier.

From there, you can create ads:

  • From your business page (by going to the admin menu and selecting “Business Manager”).
  • Through the Facebook ad creation page.
  • Use the Ads Manager on your mobile application.

Filter ads to exclude non-performing segments

Facebook’s pay-per-click advertising approach also allows advertisers to exclude low-quality or non-performing marketplaces. This is one of the advantages of Facebook advertising.

You can also create “blocklists” to prevent your business’ URLs from showing on specific sites. Also, you can block your pages from appearing in particular apps and in-stream videos. Implementing these solutions can enhance your ROAS, ad efficiency and get more bang for your buck. This will help you save money by not targeting your advertising efforts to ineffective audiences.

You can use micro-targeting to reach out to specific audiences

For most platforms, social media advertising entails allowing marketers to target ads to specific demographics based on user data – and Facebook is no exception. Indeed, one of the primary advantages of marketing on Facebook is that the network is exceptionally data-rich. You can target audiences that are most relevant to your company. Facebook’s level of information allows you to restrict the demographic for each ad you run. You can build adverts to focus your target consumers for the following segments:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Languages
  • Passions
  • Level of education or background
  • Occupational title
  • Income
  • Significant life events

Facebook advertising enables highly accurate marketing targeting choices. You can establish your audiences based on the categories listed above and then create campaigns for these “core consumers.”

Another great advantage of advertising on Facebook is the ability to target individuals who have already interacted with your brand. The platform’s ad network employs “Audience Insights,” which collects cumulative information on persons who interact with your business page as well as data on how they interact with the rest of the platform. You can then move custom audiences created in Audience Insights to Facebook’s “Ads Manager” product.

One of the benefits of Facebook ads that traditional search PPC does not provide is this level of insight. For instance, ad networks like Google and Bing cannot offer insightful demographic targeting due to their nature.

Facebook offers audience transparency

While other programmatic networks have similar audience targeting tools, Facebook’s audience reach is evident. Thanks to self-selecting audience targeting, your company can have an excellent level of transparency and control over the audiences it targets. See the categories below.

  • Fans are your Facebook friends.
  • Fans’ Friends: Facebook users who are your followers’ friends
  • Users that fulfil the parameters you specified based on self-reported benchmarks are referred to as behaviours or interests.
  • Users that have already visited your site are referred to as remarketing.

On Facebook, you can observe which of these segments performs the best, build hypotheses, and test and improve your strategy.

Target competitors’ audience

Only a few platforms will allow you to target your competitors’ audiences. Although you can’t do so on Facebook, you can, however, continue to target people who have demonstrated an interest in specific brands. However, this information may not be as helpful since it may not be up to date, and it is dependent on when a user last updated their preferences. Still, if applied at scale, this can be a successful method for attracting well-qualified users. By building a custom audience of consumers interested in 30+ well-known companies, you can easily reach thousands of users without paying fees for them.

Facebook advertising is inexpensive

Facebook Ads, like many pay-per-click advertising networks, is free to all companies. The only cost is the cost of providing a budget and running advertisements. For many small businesses, this is one of the most tempting aspects of Facebook marketing.

The cost of running Facebook advertisements is determined by various factors (your budget, industry, ad types, etc.), but you should generally anticipate paying a few cents per click. The average cost-per-click across all industries is $1.72. You should therefore be able to estimate how much your ads will cost. Nevertheless, Facebook ads are far less expensive than traditional ads, and they provide some of the best returns on investment.

Facebook Ads produce quick results

Because they may generate revenue/conversions as soon as they go live, Facebook business advertisements are perfect for organizations wishing to conduct temporary and lasting digital advertising strategies. However, they are excellent for quick results.

Once you create ad campaigns in the Ads Manager, Facebook reviews them. Then they go live—they begin operating immediately and start displaying your products/brand to possibly thousands of individuals. Because ads are often approved within 24 hours, they provide you with a chance to begin selling within a few days of launch.

Remarketing on Facebook advertisements

Remarketing is the practice of marketing to visitors who have beforehand interacted with your products or indicated an interest in your company. Typically, this is accomplished through the use of cookies/session tracking.

One of the advantages of Facebook advertising for marketing is that you may use it to raise revenue, increase conversion rates, or improve your ROI. This method employs the “Facebook pixel,” a short bit of code that you place on your website to help target clients and visitors.It tracks visitors as well as their activities on your site. Furthermore, Facebook advertising allows you to incorporate “dynamic ads” that you may design to target remarketed buyers directly.

Discover the advantages of Facebook advertising for your company – contact us today to get started! We can assist your company’s growth by providing professional tips and tricks about ad management and paid marketing services.