Security measures to protect your business

Security measures to prevent risks to your business

If you are responsible for business premises and security measures – particularly a site that is in any way ‘public-facing – you will probably, and sadly, be familiar with the key security risks for your business day-to-day. Across England and Wales in 2018/19, for instance, there were more than 600,000 crimes against businesses, encompassing such offences as burglary, shoplifting, and robbery.

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These figures equate to businesses being hit by crime at a rate of more than once a minute. And if such a crime happens to your own company, it is not just potentially an inconvenience, or even frightening – depending on the offence in question, it may even put your entire business at risk.

What, then, can help guard against such crimes as theft, vandalism or even arson imperilling your commercial organisation? Here are some of the best-proven security measures.

Undertaking a risk assessment

While having a risk assessment carried out will not – on its own – do much to better protect your business, it is a crucial first step for many business owners. The results of a suitable risk assessment will provide an important overview of the security situation for your premises right now so that you can make informed decisions.

A sound risk assessment will be partly concerned with aspects of the business property itself – for example, where the various entrances and exits are, and how easy or difficult it would be for a would-be burglar to steal something from the site.

However, you might also assess the broader security ‘environment’ in the area your business property is located, including the local crime rate and what other nearby business owners may be able to say to you about risks and experiences they have faced.

Putting in place access control systems

Of course, this might not be much of a solution for certain business sites – such as high-street shops that will wish to welcome in members of the public making spontaneous visits to browse – but there are some premises for which the right access control technologies could be invaluable.

Whichever form your chosen access control system may take, it can be a highly effective means of preventing unauthorised entry into especially sensitive or vulnerable areas of the premises.

Having a CCTV system installed

CCTV cameras can be a very visible deterrent simply by being present at your business premises. Moreover, if someone does commit a crime at your site, these proven commercial security systems can also provide the evidence to help convict them in court.

CCTV systems can take many forms, so if you are thinking of having one fitted at your premises, you will need to carefully consider such aspects as the numbers and types of cameras that will be best suited to the job, and where those cameras ought to be positioned.

The responsible maintenance of your business site’s CCTV systems will be crucial, too. Do you have arrangements in place for the routine checking of the system in order to pick up and resolve any issues before they become a bigger problem?

Arranging for the fitting of intruder alarms

Alarm systems can be another important measure for helping to keep business premises safe. Again, though, different solutions suit different sites, so you will need to strategically assess what alarm system features your own organisation is especially likely to benefit from.

It is generally better, for example, to invest in instant response services and remote monitoring over a mere audio-based system. Ideally, your alarm system should alert both the police and keyholders if it sounds. Speaking of keyholders, you should ensure they are local and able to swiftly turn up at the premises if the alarm does sound, including at awkward times, such as in the middle of the night.

Before you commit to purchasing a specific alarm system, it is crucial to check your insurance policy for any details related to this. If, for instance, your insurance company requires the monitoring of your commercial premises for out-of-hours alarm response, we can offer a range of monitoring packages. Potential solutions here can include your system being connected to a mobile application, or IP digital communicators that signal through to our monitoring station partners.

Fire safety measures

Fire safety is not unrelated to the matter of your commercial building’s security. Businesses can often be at risk of arson attacks, for example, so it is important to consider the fire safety systems and arrangements that could help minimise the damage and any risk to human life.

Effective security and fire measures here can include relatively straightforward – but easy-to-overlook – ones, such as ensuring that any combustible and flammable materials have been stored securely away from public-facing areas, where criminals may see an opportunity to use them.

Commercial fire detection systems and fire extinguishing systems may also be well worth investing in for your business premises, backed up with maintenance services that provide 24/7 emergency call out and technical support.

While the above is by no means an exhaustive rundown of everything you can do to maximise the safety of your business premises, this advice should have hopefully got you thinking seriously about how you can fill those glaring risk ‘gaps’ at your organisation.

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