What value do flair bartenders bring to your event?

How can flair bartenders add to your event?

Before even starting to talk about flair bartenders hiring London and if it’s worth getting them for your event, it’s vital to understand that today’s crop of bartenders doesn’t just make cocktails and mix liquors. They have become entertainers who perform a series of techniques and skills like pouring and juggling. But do cocktail bartender hire to add something new to your bar? In this article, we closely examine the importance of these bartending professionals and whether getting them makes any business sense to you. Read on to learn more.

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Why flair bartending?

Flair bartending refers to the practice of serving alcohol and other drinks while at the same time performing unique tricks for guests. It’s a specialized type of bartending and it’s a skill that not every bartender has. But it is always a good thing to learn new skills in case your job demands it.

If you want to learn the art of cocktail bartender hire, you will be glad to know that there are bartending schools as well as online classes where these techniques are taught. As a bartender, these are vital skills that you simply have to know.

One instance where flair bartending works a treat is when the bartender serves at a hotel bar close to a pool. Another place that flair bartending is most suited is in an event where you want your guests to have the most fun. However, flair bartending doesn’t apply to nightclubs as it can be too hectic. Under such circumstances, clients want to be served their drinks pretty fast.

This is worth mentioning since a flair bartender won’t necessarily work anywhere. That’s because flair bartenders are hired in private functions or specific lounges and bars located in areas such as the beaches where revellers are looking for something more than just a cocktail.

In flair bartending, a bartender tends to spend more time with one drink than they would when they were to serve many drinks during events. That’s why flair bartender hire London is most likely to be seen at private parties with smaller numbers of guests.

In such cases, the bartender, who is more than just a person serving the drinks, will entertain guests with unique acrobatics. They also prepare different cocktails and add special details (for instance, preparing them with fire or other elements). The truth of the matter is that most people who frequent these private events and parties go there looking for this kind of entertainment. Therefore, enlisting the services of flair bartenders will also be good for your event.

Do flair bartenders add any value to your bar?

The answer is that they do and can enhance guests’ experience a great deal. Here are some of the ways flair bartender hire London adds value to your bar.


The climax of any event is guests’ entertainment and flair bartending can work magic towards this goal. If you want your guests to be entertained and not just served drinks, you can rest assured that this event will remain permanently etched in their memories. The memories can be what keep the people coming back to your event over and over again. Additionally, because of the way flair bartenders are visual, language barriers, noisy, busy atmosphere, or language barriers cannot interfere with one’s enjoyment. In short, flair bartending can offer an extra ounce of entertainment to any bar and in any part of the world.

A competitive edge

When you hire fully trained flair bartenders, you are giving your bar a competitive advantage over other joints that don’t. A bartender that can flair it shows that not only do they have bags of talent, but also like what they do. When it’s obvious that someone adores their job, it can draw people into your bar like moths to light. It is the exact case with flair bartending. Guests like bartenders that look like they know their trade and are enjoying it. Few things behind the bar can be more visually appealing than a skilled flair bartender.


Learning to flair can be greatly rewarding, like any skill. By hiring trained flair bartenders, you are bringing more fun and excitement to your guests. As more people start to embrace flair bartending, hiring one or two of these skilled experts will give your event a shot in the arm.

Free marketing

The impressive and entertaining nature of flair bartending can be the wow factor that forces your guests to tell others about the experience they had at your bar. That means more word-of-mouth marketing for your bar and also a greater social media presence as guests are jaw-dropping videos of your flair bartenders at work.

Mixologists are indispensable to any event

Offering unique entertainment complete with a personal touch, flair bartenders and cocktail bartender hire can turn any private party into a roaring success. Flair bartenders have exciting tricks coupled with tasty cocktails that are ideal for a wide range of events like product launches, night clubs, corporate events, and even stag dos and hen nights.

By booking a top flair bartender from, you can be sure that your guests will get entertained and even delicate cocktails made with flair and style!

Verdict: Flair bartenders enhance an event

Flair bartenders offer a fun alternative to getting regular bartenders who only serve drinks to your guests. Master Mixologists are the UK’s finest flair bartending service providers that guarantee great service with personalised crowd interaction and an incredibly unbelievable flair show. These specialized bartenders are perfect for several events where you need your guests to be entertained. These include weddings, corporate events, product launches, birthday parties, and hen parties, to mention but a few.

In short, flair bartenders are ideal for any event where you are looking to impress guests. It could be your workmates, clients, or family members and friends. If you care for them and hold them in high regard, then you’ve got to go the extra mile and entrain your guests.