Top 7 cloud services every business needs, even small ones

Should you use cloud services?

Today’s modern businesses run on information. Yet, storing data on local devices and copying it on flash drives are no longer viable options. That’s because none of these two could adequately handle the massive amounts of data we store, share, and use to address modern business problems. This is where cloud services shine.

cloud services

“The cloud” isn’t a new concept. It actually quickly become a buzzword in the IT arena about a decade ago. Since then, it has only grown in popularity and become more accessible than ever before, even to small businesses. Data shows that a staggering 83% of companies’ workload was stored on the cloud in 2020.

Think about it: the mere idea of having everything available on the go sounds revolutionary. But, there’s more in terms of the benefits of cloud services. Without comprehensive cloud management, a business can experience security threats, data loss, and even costly downtime. So, you should consider getting a health cloud implementation consultant to ensure everything is perfect.

That being said, let’s explore the top 7 cloud services all businesses need, no matter the size or industry.

1. Cloud 24/7 support

Like it or not, the Internet never sleeps and nor do potential security threats or technological fails. Your website may fail. Some hacker might decide to steal your data in the middle of the night. Or, you may get overwhelmed by your multiple cloud management strategies.

What can you do in any of these scenarios? If you’re a tech-savvy expert, you figure it out yourself. But, if you’re the average business owner with average IT skills and know-how, you call in the experts.

So, cloud 24/7 support service is definitely something your business needs to ensure that it gets round the clock help from a cloud managed services provider.

Without round the clock cloud support, your business may lose customers and money. And, like every single business owner out there, you likely don’t want that.

2. System monitoring, alerting and reporting

Wouldn’t it be best if your IT problems were prevented, spotted immediately, and addressed? We’re guessing, yes. Quickly noticing problems and fixing them is the best way to ensure that your users don’t have a poor experience with your app or website.

This is another cloud service your business could highly benefit from. System monitoring and alerting give your business timely awareness of problems that may occur in your cloud application so that you can address them quickly and resolve them without disrupting your users’ experiences with your application for too long.

For example, if your users would experience high latency or an application would simply crash and not even open properly, you’d want to be alerted to do something about it as quickly as possible.

3. Cloud cybersecurity support: Backup & disaster recovery

Has your website ever suffered from a cyberattack? Have you ever lost essential files, software, or programs? If the answer is “yes”, you know why you need cloud cybersecurity support services. If the answer is “no”, learn that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Cybersecurity support is one of the most important reasons to go with IT experts. Cybersecurity threats are on the rise these days, and they no longer just target large organizations and big business names. Small businesses are as susceptible to being attacked by hackers. What’s more, the tools and strategies used by hackers to target and attack organizations and businesses are constantly evolving and becoming more intrusive by the day. So, digital security is more important than ever.

A data security breach can make your business lose sensitive and valuable data. Cyber threats can also affect your business’s reputation, especially if hackers get hands-on customer data. What’s more, lost data can also disrupt your business for a long time. So, it is essential to know that your data is protected by a service that is very focused on cybersecurity.

Backup and disaster recovery are cybersecurity cloud services that can help you rest assured that even if a potential threat gets around your security measures, you won’t lose your data.

4. DevOps automation

Repetitive tasks can feel very dull and unengaging for your IT team, affecting productivity and efficiency. What’s more, being stuck with performing repetitive tasks can also prevent your employees from focusing on more essential areas of your business.

This is where DevOps automation services step in.

DevOps services ensure that repetitive DevOps tasks are automated and carried out without any human interaction. Your development team will no longer need to handle repetitive tasks like updates to applications in production manually. DevOps automation services will make it faster and easier for you to achieve your DevOps business goals.

5. Application deployment, scaling and lifecycle management

Another cloud service your business needs, especially if you’re in the digital industry, is related to application deployment and management.

Your cloud service provider will manage everything related to application deployment, from installing to configuring and enabling a specific application to scaling it later and managing its lifecycle management.

6. Management of Microsoft apps

If you want to build, deploy, and scale web apps quickly, you need a cloud service provider that also ensures the management of Microsoft apps. Cloud-based automation and operating system updates and configuration are all services essential to consistent management across your cloud environments.

7. eCommerce and digital experience platform management

Your eCommerce platform is a software application allowing your online business to manage your website, marketing, sales, and operations. In other words, it is crucial for your business to thrive. That is why eCommerce and digital experience platform management services are essential for your business. Cloud eCommerce solutions allow your business to rest assured that its platform isn’t only correctly stored and managed accurately by experts.

Cloud managed services can really solve real-world business problems that most modern companies face these days.