What do you know about WordPress?

What is WordPress?

It is not something related to the press, it is rather something related to everything. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMSs). This article will definitely change what you know about WordPress. Here are 20 engrossing facts from Flexi and about the custom WordPress development service itself. Read on to see how much you know about WordPress.

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  1. According to statistics from and Netcraft, 35% of users of the internet use WordPress. Why? The answer is simple, the CMS can be used for an amazingly contrasting variety of web pages.
  2. Every hour users publish almost 100 000 posts which make up to 70 million publications per one month. What about comments? People love to comment! 77 million – that is the number of comments users leave every month.
  3. This means that there are 27 brand new posts created per second! Imagine how many posts will be created when you will finish this article.
  4. Spam is also a problem for the CMS. 487 billion spams open fire on WordPress in a month. However, 99.9% of attacks are stopped by the Akismet plugin.
  5. Talking about spam, ex-head of Goggle’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, mentioned WordPress’ level of safety of sites. Statistics made by Google says that the system deals with 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues. That makes WordPress welcoming to search engine optimization.
  6. As stated in a survey by, 1.1 million new domains are registered on WordPress approximately every 6 months. People enjoy being online and stating their presence by doing this.
  7. People search “WordPress” almost 3 million times per month. Internet users around the world google this word. Do you still have doubts about “the most popular CMS”?
  8. According to the information mentioned in fact 7 and conforming to Google’s search engine results page, “WordPress” takes one of the leading positions in the list of most searched words. In addition, the data collected includes only the “WordPress”, not two words separately or words that were misspelt.
  9. W3techs gives the information that WordPress is the most popular content management system. For instance, Jooma takes second place in the chart. Almost 62% of CMS users have chosen WordPress, while other systems have 5% of market share of less.
  10. Internet users visit WordPress pages even more often than Twitter. Which makes CMS more popular than some social media pages. The number of individuals visiting WordPress pages is 150+ million in a month.
  11. The success and fame of WordPress are impressive, but if you find out the number of the company’s employees, you will be doubly surprised! It’s 1,148 remote workers for now. For instance, Amazon has this number of employees multiplied by 501.
  12. WordPress is translated into 196 languages. 40 of them have translations that cover 100% of the text. This makes the system understandable for most of the world. The translation process is changeable, so the number of languages used on WordPress is growing rapidly.
  13. Without a doubt, English is the top language used among WordPress writers and readers. It makes 71% of all the content. In comparison, Spanish takes only 4,7% of posts. Indonesian one is only 2,4%, by a landslide.
  14. provides users with a salary of $54,000 per year for an average developer who works for WordPress. Which means $4500 per month.
  15. 54,000+ is not only the amount of salary for the WordPress developers but also the number of plugins included in the CMS. The Plugin Directory reports that the WordPress plugins were downloaded 1.5 billion times! The arguable point is that there are a lot of impractical plugins in the catalogue. On the other hand, there is always a plugin if you have a problem.
  16. The CMS is always developing and improving. The newest version 5.3 of WordPress has been already downloaded 7 million times. The amount of downloads increases every second! You can even watch this number here:
  17. Even though the number of downloads is increasing, it makes just ⅓ of all WordPress users. The bigger part of people who use WordPress rejects upgrading the system. What is more, they put other users’ private information in danger by taking no action and using previous old versions.
  18. WordPress does not exist only online! It organises WordCamps, aiming to provide the participants of the conferences with an enormous amount of information about the system and everything related to it. The very first camp was located in San Francisco. It was held in 2006. After the first conference, the number of them grew up to thousands now.
  19. If you look at the chart of the top 1000 web pages, WordPress is not positioned there. It is somewhere after 300+. It may sound sad, nevertheless, think about other content management systems. Have you come up with any? They are not as popular as entertaining pages. If to take this into account, the place WordPress takes in the chart is not so depressing now. So, it is actually popular but rather in a narrow circle.
  20. Avada, the websites builder, is one of the most popular and the best ever sold themes on WordPress. The solo item costs 56 dollars. For the time being, it has brought more than $12,000,000.

So, going back to the very first question, what do you know about WordPress now?


The numbers showed and proved to you how impressive and enormous WordPress is. We do not speak about the size of the company at the moment, we speak about users, their activity, and the statistics in all the spheres mentioned. The CMS helps users to reach the target having the best conditions. We hope this article has been helpful, and that you now know more about WordPress.