4 ways to modernize your barbershop

How do you run a modern barbershop?

Standing out as a barbershop takes more than just providing customers with a clean-cut and shave, it also requires innovation and effective marketing. In addition, improving customer relations would be called for. And in some cases, retooling the barbers may be necessary.

modernize your barbershop

Generally, improving barber services entails the modernization of the whole business. Suppose you’re a barbershop owner who wants to modernize your business. In that case, here’s an article that could help you. Keep reading to know more of the ways that could make your barbershop more competitive.

1. Install a barbershop software

Technology has made business processes automatic. In salons and barbershops, owners could use software that could make appointment setting quicker than usual. There are several barbershop software that can make appointment setting easier for both the customer and staff. Aside from that, these programs offer the following features and services:

  • Manages barbers’ schedules
  • Directs a client to the barber with a vacant slot
  • Sets days off and leaves
  • Displays pricing depending on the services
  • Creates a central database for various branches
  • Displays statistics and trends useful in business analysis
  • Makes the barbershop more accessible
  • Provides advanced features and appearance
  • Reminds customers of appointments

These features can save money, time, and effort. In addition, it could help improve the online presence of a barbershop and even help with digital marketing efforts.

2. Buy and use modern tools and hair care essentials

Apart from software, the purchase and use of modern barber tools could help modernize a barbershop. If you’re the owner, you may start investing in the following:

  • Cordless clippers: These haircutting tools give more room for barbers as they don’t have movement restrictions. In addition, they reduce the risk of electrocution because they’re not directly plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Present-day barber chairs: These chairs use hydraulic for a more flexible movement. In addition, its neck support and chair height have adjustable lengths. Typically, the chair height ranges from 22” to 27”. These chairs have a reclining function ideal for shaving. They also turn through their swivels.
  • High-quality shears: Stainless steel scissors remain to be the easy-to-clean and easy-to-use haircutting shears. They may come in various forms and sizes. Some of them have large or wide teeth ideal for texturizing hair. Some scissors could provide crisp cuts to any hair.
  • Tourmaline hair dryers: These tools could heat the customer’s hair without creating damage compared to traditional ones. Generally, they emit infrared heat more gently.
  • Nose trimmer: This helps remove nose hair and small hair strands that are hard to remove for traditional scissors and clippers.
  • UV disinfection and sterilizer box: Keeping barber tools germ-free helps ensure the shop’s cleanliness and will make customers feel more at ease with the shop’s hygiene standards. With a modern sterilizer, barbers could wash their tools quicker and more efficiently than regular sanitation boxes.

3. Upgrade barber skills

Aside from investing in modern and improved tools, the barbers themselves must upskill regularly. Aside from learning to cut classic haircuts and modern ones, they must also be updated with the latest trends and styles to better serve the needs and preferences of customers. Typically, they should know slick, low fade, bald fade, cool flow tapered, long fringe, and pompadour.

If you’re a barber who wants to develop new skills, you may also consider improving your people skills. Having this skill will help you engage with customers better and encourage them to come back to the shop. Troubleshooting, simple repairs, and the proper use of barber software are also great skills to learn. 

4. Renew the design

Apart from the services, you may remodel your shop to make it look up-to-date. You may replace the lighting and renew its architectural feel by installing fixtures with new geometrical designs. You may also play up with the frames, jambs, sills, and other portions of the interior. Buying appliances and pieces of furniture could also help improve the overall look of the shop. Depending on the mood you’d want to set, you may add accents such as ghetto boxes and phonographs.

Wrapping up

To completely rev up a barbershop, you may need a well-designed business plan. Meeting your trusted colleagues and barbers could be a great way to strategize. In carrying out the plan, you may consider your shop’s immediate needs. By discussing with your staff, you can learn the common preferences of your customers, and how your competitors are doing as well. Lastly, you may dwell on what you have at present before you think about the possible changes that would benefit your shop in the long run.